Tembria Server Monitor 5.6.0

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Tembria Server Monitor 5.6.0

Tembria Server Monitor continuously monitors your network for potential problems so you don’t have to. Supporting popular Internet protocols, Tembria Server Monitor watches for specific conditions and notifies you if a problem is detected.Unlike other network management tools, Tembria Server Monitor is very easy to install and use. Wizard-based dialogs guide you through initial configuration and a straight-forward, standards-compliant user interface gives you easy access to all reports and settings.


  • Multi-Purpose Server Monitoring Software
  • 100% Web-Based Interface with Multiple Security Models
  • 40+ Monitoring Types, All Completely Agentless
  • Deep Support for Windows Server Monitoring
  • Support for Linux and SNMP Monitoring Too
  • 12 Notification Types incl. E-mail and Voice Phone Call
  • Clear Published Pricing Starting at Just $995.00

New in this Version:

  • A new performance counter monitoring subsystem makes for increased performance and works around several reported issues.
  • The Process Event Monitor can now monitor CPU and memory usage for all instances of a specified process name instead of the just the first one found.
  • Added a new SNMP Interface event monitor which warns if the ifOperStatus flag for an interface changes or a specified number of errors per second is exceeded.
  • The SNMP Trap event monitor now includes an option to show the full description for all traps that are caught.
  • The Process event monitor can now monitor CPU and memory usage for all instances of a specified process name instead of the just the first one found.
  • Added an option in the config.ini file to pause all event monitors when the service starts.
  • Reformatted default main and system health dashboards to make better use of available space.
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent migration of data files to other servers.
  • Fixed a problem where a device called ‘n/a’ could appear in the tree after certain event monitors were run.
  • Fixed a problem where on a new installation service level reports might not be built until the first summary reports had been generated.
  • Fixed a problem where the System Health event monitor reported a random number when it was unable to retrieve available memory.
  • Added a new option to rotate between the dashboard on each dashboard refresh.
  • Fixed a problem where the dates and times in e-mail notifications did not respect the selected date-time format.
  • Fixed several timing issues that could delay reports from being built.
  • Updated the Sensatronics event monitor to retry if it receives an invalid configuration response.
  • Fixed a problem where the notification style for event history records was not being respected.
  • Fixed a problem where removing a device could cause events for other devices to be removed.
  • Fixed a rare problem where logging off from the console would fail if the monitoring service was running.
  • Fixed a problem where notification counters for numeric pager notifications were not counted correctly.
  • The Exchange Performance event monitor has been updated to prompt for the Exchange version and now provides more counters specific to each supported version.


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