uHook Enterprise End Point Security 2.0

uHook Enterprise lets you control and manage the access of removable media devices on thousands of PCs in your business network distributed over the globe from one single place!uHook Enterprise is meant for organizations with a big network infrastructure, where it is not possible to track who is copying what or who has got access to critical files and data.

uHook Enterprise helps you to:-

  • Control and monitor device access activities at different location of the globe sitting in one place
  • Protect your data and prevent malicious users with strong ACTIVE EPS technology
  • Scale up to thousands of machines within a very short time
  • No complex deployments and server installations are required
  • Unlimited storage of reports and policies
  • Get instant email alerts of malicious activities
  • Regular updates of server and agents so that you stay secure and updated


  • Easy to use device control over network
  • No port is opened on the agent thereby reducing the risk of other vulnerabilities
  • Password protected uninstall of the agents
  • Fast workflow of device control and policy implementation
  • Both SaaS based as well Dedicated Server support
  • 128 bit encryption is used for client server communication
  • ACTIVE EPS technology ensures identification of a device uniquely out of millions of devices
  • Unlimited backup & storage of reports and policies
  • Flexible reporting
  • Email alerts and warnings of malicious activities on the end points



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