Web Log Analyzer: Trends 2.3

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Web Log Analyzer: Trends 2.3

Log Analyzer: Trends is a standalone application for Webmasters, PR managers and SEO. It is a useful solution, which allows thorough analysis of website statistics. It indicates the number of visitors and provides detailed data on them: where they come from, what they do when they get to the site, when they come and which resources attract them.

The program features a wide range of standard reports (such as ‘Hits’, ‘Unique Visitors’, ‘Visited Pages’, ‘Referring Sites’, ‘Search Phrases’, etc.) and a report builder for custom ones, for example, individual reports on each visitor.

It helps you track your website statistics on a daily basis. It allows you to analyze changes in the major web site parameters both graphically and numerically.

A fast analyzing engine lets you use this website statistics software as often as it necessary in order to update the information about your web site.

The software offers over 20 standard reports, which include ‘Hits’, ‘Unique Visitors’, ‘Visited Pages’, ‘Referring Sites’, ‘Search Phrases’, ‘Paths Through’ reports and reports using other major parameters. It can overlay different parameters onto one advanced chart and report (Report Builder feature).

Main Features:

  • Detailed web site statistics on one screen
  • Daily, weekly and monthly changes of site parameters monitoring
  • Tracking the route of a certain visitor by IP address
  • View changes in a certain parameter for any time period
  • Report data representation in a graphical and numerical forms


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