A4 DVD Shrinker 4.8

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A4 DVD Shrinker 4.8

It bases on the extremely fast DVD Engine and can handle all DVD
contents like Menus, Movie, Audio, Subtitles and Languages. Also It can
peer off CSS from commercial DVD automatically so that you can make
your own DVD copies no matter what copy protection is used on the
original. The built-in high speed DVD burner supports all type of DVDR
discs (+R, +RW, –R, -RW). You do not need third party drivers or
burning software installed.

Shrink Features:
1. High quality, high speed DVD Engine
2. Shrink any DVD to any size, such as DVD9(8.5GB) to DVD5(4.7GB), DVD10(9.5GB) to DVD5(4.7GB).
3. Shrink any DVD (NTSC and PAL) from the DVD drive to your hard disk directly.
4. Perfect 100% DVD backup. Just like your original DVD movies without
any quality or feature (Menus, Audio, Subtitles and Languages) lost
5. Remove CSS (Content Scrambling System) automatically
6. Support preview when shrinking
7. Backup your DVD in 1-2-3 steps. It’s very suitable for beginners.

Burn Features:
1. Own high quality, high speed DVD Burn Engine. No need to install other burning software.
2. Erase (Format) rewritable DVD +RW and -RW disc
3. Support DVD+R Double Layer (DVD9), can burns up to 8.5 GB on one DVD
4. Support almost all DVD writer: BenQ, AOpen, LiteOn, LG, Sony, NEC,
Nu Technology, BTC, Pioneer, Plextor, Teac, Ricoh, Asus, Iomega,
Philips, HP, Toshiba, Samsung and others.


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