iTunesControl 0.51 Build 11

Carson Morrow
2.5 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp

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Tired of having to stop what you’re doing to switch to iTunes just to hit "Pause" or check what’s playing? iTunesControl is a free, lightweight solution that adds many of the features that iTunes is missing. It features a sleep timer, over 40 global hotkeys, an easily customizable display, and much more.


  • Small download size
  • Low system resource usage
  • Highly customizable display
  • Over 40 different hotkeys
  • Hotkeys work with all keys on all keyboards
  • Can be fully integrated with iTunes for a seemless experience
  • Display supports track information in all languages and character sets
  • Extensive set of configuration options
  • Ability to search for songs and artists in current playlist
  • Support for external programs such as AutoHotkey
  • …and much more!

What's New

· Added new display engine
· Added support for using images as track rating indications
· Added "Show/Hide Display" hotkey for always-shown display
· Added full support for always-shown display
· Added option to set album art border size and color
· Added option to minimize iTunes on startup
· Added option to start iTunes if any hotkey is used
· Added option to disable save settings prompt in configuration utility
· Added option to customize Song Search play behavior
· Added option to enqueue Song Search result in iTunes DJ
· Added option to set exact display width
· Added option to specify placement of text in relation to album art in display
· Added option to disable display when iTunes is active
· Added display shown on iTunesControl startup if iTunes track data is available
· Added "Apply" function to configuration utility
· Added "Reset All" function to configuration utility
· Added support for portable operation
· Added support for overriding existing (system) hotkeys
· Added German translation
· Added Italian translation
· Fixed iTunesControl not shown in tray message being displayed every time
· Fixed album art sizing issues with non-square art
· Fixed display doesn't respect fixed display widths
· Fixed display not updating when rating tracks
· Fixed searching for "folder.png" in addition to "folder.jpg"
· Fixed problem un-setting hotkeys
· Fixed input windows can lose focus
· Fixed folder art setting not being saved
· Fixed Song Search modifier actions not being saved
· Fixed monitor selection not being saved
· Fixed some default hotkeys not working in Vista and Windows 7
· Fixed crash when checking for updates
· Fixed show/hide iTunes hotkey not working
· Fixed "Reset All Hotkeys" not updating hotkey list
· Improved support for "Tab", "Enter", and dedicated volume keys as hotkeys
· Improved support for unrecognized keys as hotkeys
· Removed "Clear search box" hotkey


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