LTC logger 1.1

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LTC logger 1.1

This is a logging tool that can work on its own, automatically log clips when the camera starts/stops. Of course you can override this if you want, even when it’s detecting stops in "auto" mode.

It was developed for those endless studio shootings where the talent never does what he should do… It can be used to mark the start and stop of the camera and logs it into clips. But, you can also override the mark points manually, and enter points on the fly, even trim them, while the application is recording starts and stops.Even more, you can enter clip info, shot evaluation; it even automatically numbers the takes for you.So, after the shoot you have a complete log list of the takes you want to use, no need to go through it again during editing.

Now if you want your clients to log material from a cheap copy, like a VHS or real-time DVD dub, you can put the audio on one channel, timecode on the other. Have your client listen to the channel with the normal audio and feed the other channel into the PC. This makes a very cheap offline logging station.

Future plans are to have an integrated player for digital files. Easy enough to log from digital files, but having timecode jump all over the tapes makes logging from long captured clips very unreliable.  Of course there will be options soon to sort clips, mark clips for export and other handy things.


  • No additional hardware required!
  • There are a lot of LTC decoders available, but that means an extra box, extra wall-wart, extra cabling…
  • Even in auto mode you can set points, trim them, enter text/comments etcetera.
  • You can set positive or negative handles for both in and outpoints separately.
  • It has 24P support, and can output a "A" frame only Avid .ale. Just run it as you make the downconverted dubs for offline, and ingest worry free in your Avid.


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