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MP3 Boss 0.681

Finally an EASY way to manage ALL of your audio files in one place. Unlike similar programs that become sluggish or impossible to use for large collections — MP3-Boss will keep going & going…whether you have hundreds, thousands, or TENS OF THOUSANDS of files to manage.

Just ask the hundreds of people that have registered MP3-Boss — there really are too many features to list! Here are just a few:

  • MP3-Boss works with Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, WinXP and VISTA — and comes with full uninstall if it doesn’t meet your needs.
  • Integrated Winamp support. Use the BEST audio player in the industry. Some organizers make you give up your favorite player. Not MP3-Boss — it lets you keep using Winamp the way you always have, OR use the embedded controller in MP3-Boss to control Winamp!
  • Automatic scanning of MP3 and WAV tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, Lyrics and more). Plus, it is just as easy to use a single command to write ALL of your changes to the files. How about read-only files on CD? No problem — the MP3-Boss database stores ALL of your information in an easy-to-backup database.
  • Rating Songs. Have so many songs that you’ve never gotten a chance to rate them? MP3-Boss makes this EASY! Individually rate the song that’s playing, change the song category, even rename the file! Plus, an audio-preview function means that you can listen to song snapshots to QUICKLY rate your songs!
  • Extensive database functions – sorting, searching, filtering, reporting. Want to play just a specific artist, album or title? Just filter the database and INSTANTLY play the songs you want. No other manager makes on-the-fly playlist so fast and convenient.
  • General file management – rename, copy, move, delete (even while playing music). No longer will you need to worry about WHERE you store your audio files — MP3-Boss keeps track — and changing the name or folder in MP3-Boss automatically updates the actual filename and folder! Wait until you see how FAST you can move hundreds of files to a new drive — MP3-Boss caches the changes you want to make and takes care of all that tedious work in the background — while you continue to play your music!
  • Safe! Plan to move a lot of files around? Most programs will blindly move your files from drive to drive without worrying about file corruption. MP3-Boss verifies that the file transfer was successful before the original is deleted — you’d be surprised how easy it is to get corrupted files without this extra safety check!
  • File cleanup – find exact or partial duplicates, and delete the songs you don’t want – move the duplicates to the recycle bin, a new folder, or even to CD!
  • Artist cleanup – an amazing new way to look at your songlist by Artist — and correct hundreds of artistnames with just a few clicks!
  • CD functions – create CD label inserts, automatically delete duplicates from your hard drive that are already on a CD, find filenames that will cause problems when burned to CD. PLUS, a smart-search that will treat all of your CD drives as equivalent.
  • Rename or move your files. Want to move all your Death Metal to a new folder with subfolders based on the Artist & Album? MP3-Boss makes it EASY! Plus, because it intelligently moves files in the background, you can keep playing your songs while it does the heavy lifting in the background!
  • Album Art New release (Nov2008) now shows all the graphics files that are in your music file directories. A great way to get additional information about your songs — plus MP3-Boss gives you immediate access to those files — for printing, cleanup or to use with other graphics programs.
  • Copy Shortcut New release (Nov2008) lets you click on the selected song and drag … so you can paste in other applications. Or, right-click on the selected song and use Windows Explorer functions to bring up the song in any of your other associated applications.
  • PAR, PAR2, SFV Cleanup New utility function (Nov2008) lets you cleanup and confirm your Usenet downloads. Just specify the download directory and a cleaned directory — and MP3-Boss will verify that the song sets are complete (using MD5 or CRC32 checksum verification) and then move the complete sets to a new directory based on the tagged Artist/Album information. While other utilities can cleanup Usenet downloads, MP3-Boss actually reads the embedded information and can really organized the files. This is a first for Usenet cleanup!
  • Beats per Minute. Are you a DJ? Want to sort your songs by BPM (beats-per-minute)? How about automatically and quickly calculating beats-per-minute for all your songs using AutoBPM? Advanced calculations make sure that only the CORRECT BPM is entered for your songs. A quick-BPM mode moves through your songs as quickly as possible…moving to the next song once the BPM calculation is stable.
  • Create reports based on all or some of your songs, songs on a specific CD, or just the songs in the current playlist. Plus, playlist reports can be sent to a TEXT, RTF or HTML file… or sent to the screen or printer. Almost 20 different report formats! Have a special format you just NEED? Send me a sample and it can be added!

Support for all these file formats! Winamp directly supports ALL of these formats (built-in or via plugin).

  • MP3-Files (MP1, MP2, MP3)
  • MP4/M4A Files (even auto-fixes corrupted MP4/M4A files!)
  • Windows Wavefiles (WAV)
  • CDG Karaoke files (CDG)
  • ZIP Files with embedded music (ZIP)
  • OggVorbis Audiofiles (OGG)
  • Monkey’s Audiofiles (APE)
  • FLAC Audiofiles (FLA/FLAC)
  • WMA Files
  • Musepack Audiofiles / MPEGPLUS (MPP, MPC)
  • AAC Files
  • Shorten (SHN)
  • AIF Files

Tag formats:

  • ID3 Tags Version 1.0, 1.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 (writeable)
  • Lyrics Tags Version 1.00 and 2.00
  • WAV Tags
  • APE Tags Version 1.0 and 2.0
  • OggVorbis Tags
  • FLAC-Comments
  • WMA Tag
  • MP4/M4A Comments



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