My Movies 2.56

Brian Binnerup
79.7 MB
Operating System
Windows Xp

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(X86) My Movies (X64) My Movies

My Movies for Microsoft Media Center 2005, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate is the ultimate movie collection management and playback tool. With My Movies you are able to index your movies with automatically downloaded data from the My Movies WebService, and then browse movies, actors, directors and much more.

You can share your movie database to multiple clients, and configure each client to its own parental control limitation which requires a pin # to view the full collection. My Movies is available in more than 10 different languages. With My Movies you can experience your movie collection in a way you never thought possible, filtering your collection by genres, actors, directors, MPAA parental level and much more. My Movies can even help you copy your DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray’s to hard drive storage for easy playback.

Index all your movies automatically
My Movies indexs all your movies, and automatically downloads movie data such as descriptions, ratings, actors and covers and much more.

Browse, read about and watch your movies
After indexing your movies, you can browse your movies, view covers, read descriptions, see which actors star in a movie and much more.

Share collection on multiple clients
You can setup a main movie collection, and have multiple client browse it, and watch movies from it from additional Media Centers or Media Center extenders.

Create and save movie filters
You can create and save multiple filters to recall movies by parental rating, genre, star rating, and whether or not you have watched the movie.

Full parental controls
With two levels of MPAA based parental controls you have full control, and can require a pin # to watch a movie, or even restrict browsing to a certain MPAA level.

Copy DVD’s to disk with just your remote
With just the use of your remote, you can backup a DVD to your harddrive and index the movie in the database at the same time, for easy retrieval later on. 



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