Omni Viewer Pro 5.0

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Omni Viewer Pro 5.0

Play your songs, movies — including the latest high-definition video format, slide shows, animated photo stories, and more the fun, easy and stylish way!The Media tab contains all the commands you need to create and edit stunning multimedia stories. Unlimited video and photo slides, captivating transition effects, multiple sound tracks, 3D sound visualizers, and animated text are just some of the features that you can add to your multimedia stories.

Simply drag your media files and drop them within the Media tab to include them in your multimedia story. You can also click the appropriate button for the type of media you wish to add to add your compatible media files. You can use the buttons on the control panel to add controllers for various aspects of your multimedia story. For example, you can add a button that allows you to display your multimedia story in full-screen mode by clicking the “Full-screen” button on the control panel and dragging it to the location on the currently selected skin where you would like to place the button.


  • One-Step Information Processing technology empowers you to create stunning web brochures, video galleries, amazing slide shows and photo stories with narration, 3D visualizations and video in just one step.
  • Simply open (or drag and drop) your digital movies and photos and your spectacular multimedia presentation is automatically created for you.
  • Edit your multimedia presentations the fun and easy way with the easy-to-use storyboard editor and the powerful, flexible, time and money-saving visual high-speed batch editors.
  • Share your creations by e-mail, web, CD/DVD-ROM or as stand-alone multimedia presentations.
  • Use powerful built-in photo editing tools to enhance your photos right within OmniViewer. No need for pricey photo editing tools. Save time and money.
  • Select from a very wide variety of spectacular transtion effects and/or create your very own transition effects
  • Decorate your professional multimedia presentations in attractive, fully customizable and dynamically resizable cute skins.
  • Leverage the awesome power of automated and user-activated multimedia popup windows to deliver the most engaging multimedia experiences.
  • Add interactivity to your multimedia presentations with a wide variety of powerful interactive hotspots.
  • Exercise the finest control over every step of the presentation of your multimedia by associating actions with media events such as activation, rendering time and deactivation.
  • Leverage all these powerful features and more via iMedia Connect — a new way of working with your computer that makes it a snap for you to visually create and manage relationships between elements.
  • Omni Viewer is a great way to play all your compatible multimedia files! Enjoy these and many other great features!


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