StereoScope Multi 1.51

lue Cat’s StereoScope Multi is a unique tool to compare the stereo
image of several tracks in real time. It is the ideal solution for
mixing, you can actually see which part of the stereo field every
single instrument uses. It can also be used to analyze an effect chain
and see how audio effects influence the stereo image of your content.

plugin is based on the same stereo analysis algorithms as Blue Cat’s
StereoScope Pro analysis plugin, and the instant, peak or average
responses of several audio tracks can be displayed on the same graph
(the plugin supports up to 16 curves). The same zooming capabilities
and coordinates display let you exactly measure the characteristics of
the stereo image for each audio track.

The advanced routing
capabilities let you can define different settings for each track and
thus adapt the parameters for each audio signal you want to analyze.


  • Multiple
    tracks real time stereo field analyzer: visualize and compare the
    stereo image of several audio tracks on the same screen.
  • Unique data sharing technology with multi-core processors support.
  • Compute and display the difference between curves for easy response curve measurement.
  • Zoomable display with precise measurement capabilities.
  • Easy phase cancelation and mono compatibility issues detection on multiple tracks or within an effect chain.
  • Instant, peak and average curves display for each track.
  • Save the curves for easy A/B comparison.
  • Opacity control for the user interface.
  • Custom absolute and relative threshold control. 


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