Xilisoft Audio Maker Suite

Xilisoft Inc.
15.2 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Xilisoft Audio Maker Suite is packed with powerful and multifunctional audio tools for your audio-editing needs: Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper and Xilisoft Audio Maker.

Xilisoft Audio Ripper
extracts music from DVD and converts them into formats such as MP3,
WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, OGG, and M4A so you can play them anytime and

Xilisoft Audio Maker
is packed with fantastic features like audio converter, CD ripper, and
audio CD burner. Now your CDs music can be played in any popular music


  • Different Formats from One File
    Load a file
    and convert to several output files, you could even set different file
    properties for each output file.
  • Custom File Size
    Before converting, you can set your output file to be larger or smaller
    by inputting file size on the bit rate calculator and it will do the
    calculating and compressing for you.
  • Split Files
    From one file, you can split it into several smaller ones by setting
    the split time or split size.
  • Retrieve DVD Info
    Enrich your music library by retrieving music info on the web, details
    such as album artists, album artwork, producer, album release date and
  • Edit ID3 Tag
    ID3 Tags help you organize your music library; ID3 tags consist of
    title, author, album artwork, genre, composer, release date and more.
  • Adjustable File Properties
    You can adjust the settings like bit rate, sample rate, channels, audio
    quality and more before conversion according to your preferences.
  • Offer after done actions
    Set an action (exit, hibernate, shut down or standby) to specify DVD
    audio ripper to perform it automatically after a conversion is done.



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