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CoverScout 3.2

CoverScout is your one stop app for finding, applying, editing and printing all the album covers in your music library. With CoverScout finding missing artwork for your music is child’s play. But finding the correct album artwork for "01 – Madonna – Like a prayer.mp3" is always a game of luck. Now CoverScout directly links to SongGenie.

It can insert existing album art from the iTunes Store directly into the music files. This allows you to move and copy your music archives to external hard drives or anywhere you like without losing an album cover. Just open CoverScout, select an album or group of albums and hit the search button. CoverScout takes all the work out of searching the web. With a single click, it scours the internet, finds an array of appropriate covers and even rates their quality.


  • Correct track information with SongGenie: You can’t find the perfect album cover? Then get rid of typos and gaps in the track information of your music with SongGenie. In CoverScout 3.1 you can jump straight to the track in SongGenie and get the correct music information.
  • The interface that flows: CoverScout 3 has an all new interface that combines the best features of Cover Flow with other interface enhancements including Quick Look, CoverShelf and a host of other cool features to make it even easier to find and apply album art.

  • More sources at once :Now CoverScout searches all of your preferred sites at once and displays the results on a single shelf. Just set your preferences to search all Amazon websites, Google Images and WalMart simultaneously and you’ll have your cover art in the blink of an eye.
  • Search with options: Get specific – rather than showing you everything, your cover search can be customized to focus on just what you want.
  • CoverScout does the work for you; CoverScout takes all the work out of applying cover art – if you want, it’ll do it automatically according to your set preferences.

  • Snap a shot with iSight: Point, shoot & cover. Use your iSight or QuickTime compatible camera to add your rare or homemade covers to your iTunes collection. Simply hold your CD in front of the camera take a shot and CoverScout will take care of the rest.
  • Quick Look for a better view: If you’d like to see your found covers in their full glory, just click the image and tap the space bar. A Quick Look window will appear allowing you to see every detail of that cover. 

Now there’s a Research Assistant for CoverScout! If you’re one of the many impressed with the feature in iSale, you can now take advantage of it in CoverScout. Customize your search with our web search function. Use your own URLs and apply covers from any website. With CoverScout’s new built-in cover editor you can do more than just crop and rotate your images. You can also straighten them, frame them, resize them and even adjust color levels to give all your covers that little something extra.


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