LambdaProbe for Tomcat 1.7

Lambda Probe is designed for Apache Tomcat and only Apache Tomcat.
It will not work with any other application server. Lambda Probe has been
tested with Java 1.4 and Java 1.5 and I found it to be working perfectly on both. It is also compatible with
Tomcat5 versions 5.0.x and 5.5.x. Unfortunately it is not compatible with older versions such as 4.1.x and 3.3
because of lack of EL support in JSP 1.2.

Version 1.7b

  • Fixed bug where LambdaProbe may fail to startup if stats file is corrupt.
  • Fixed incorrect interpretation of org.jstripe.intruments.ignoreNIO system property.
  • Added support for Tomcat 6.
  • Added session search tool.
  • Features related to the same application are now groupped in right hand side navigation
  • Added ability to view application deployment descriptor (web.xml)
  • Added ability to view application context file, provided the context is defined in a separate file.
  • Added ability to view application servlets, their mapping and statistic.
  • Added ability to view filters and their mappings.
  • IP address of the session is now shown in the session list view.
  • Session list page and status page now display country flag for the IP address. The IP address is of the last client only. Similar to the status page there is ability to run WHOIS query from session list.
  • Added new column in the list of applications table: REQ – number of requests processed by the application.
  • Added ability to view logs of stopped applications.
  • Applications can now be stopped/started/restarted using AJAX.
  • Added first element of the thread execution stack to the list of threads.
  • Improved error handling page to display root cause of the problems.
  • OS information page would now display limited set of functionality (all whats currently available) for IBM JDK users.



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