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Archive Manager Version 3.x Archive Manager Version 2.x

Archive Manager is a one of a kind file archiving solution for files stored in network shares, there really is nothing else like it. What makes it so different? File archiving without a database, anywhere.

There are two versions of Archive Manager currently available, Version 2.x and Version 3.x. Both versions enable you to move files that have not been used in the period of time you specify to second line storage, and manage thier lifecycle in a controlled way.

Version 3.0 is compatible with Windows Server 2008 or later environments only. It retains all of the functionality found in Version 2.0, but it also introduces support for true seamless Hard Links to archived files. Only machines running Windows Vista2008 Server or later can work with the Hard Links created by Archive Manager Version 3.

Version 2.0 is compatible with all Windows environments and platforms, from Windows 98 right up to Windows 2008 64bit Data Center. It uses a clever combination of scripts and shortcuts to privide users access to archived files.


  • Flexible archiving options let you get to grips with your files the way that you want to. You can remove files from your file system that have not been used in the period of time you specify, using either the last modified or last accessed date.
  • You can choose to either A) Just remove old files, back them up, then delete them or B) Move old files to an ‘archive’ (any shared empty folder on your network) and leave links behind in case users want accessed an archived file.
  • Capable of handling everything from small branch office file systems, to the Pet Byte sized storage environments in the largest of data center.
  • No database is ever used to store files in (or even pointers to files). The only database that is used by Archive Manager is the tiny configuration and job scheduling one which will run happily on any SQL2000 (or higher) instance, including the completely free SQL Express 2005.
  • No software or filter drivers to install on your workstations. Archive Manager is a truely clientless solution.
  • Unique ‘Graveyard’ job to end of life archived files, with the ability to group graveyarded files into correctly sized chunks ready to be written to removable media.
  • Extreme reliability achieved by a simple and straight forward architecture.


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