SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise Edition 5.5

With SmartCode VNC Manager you can access and control computers from anywhere

SmartCode VNC Manager is a powerful remote administration and monitoring software application for both the business and home network environments. It is typically used for remote network management, remote system administration and in helpdesk environments. The application allows you to take remote control of any computer running VNC, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix ICA, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005, RAdmin, SSH, or Telnet servers.

In today’s large corporate computer networks, with hundreds of computers located across the globe, the ability to effectively manage all of these computers is the key to the efficient use of staff time and can be a major cost saving factor. That’s why we created SmartCode VNC Manager: To give you an easy to use yet powerful tool to manage, monitor, and remotely control your computers. SmartCode VNC Manager software is used by thousands of small, midsized and large businesses worldwide.

SmartCode VNC Manager is easy to learn. Its intuitive interface and smart defaults means there’s no steep learning curve, so you can start using it immediately. The customizable interface can be tailored to your exact needs and preferences.

Connectivity Features:

  • Integrated VNC viewer with SSH tunneling, MSRC4 DSM plug-in, UltraVNC Repeater, SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies support.
  • Integrated RDP client with SSH tunneling support.
  • Integrated Citrix ICA client support.
  • Integrated Hyper-V virtual machine client (vmconnect.exe replacement).
  • Integrated Virtual Machine Remote Control Client with SSH tunneling support.
  • Integrated SSH client.
  • Integrated Telnet client.
  • Integrated Web browser.
  • RAdmin client.

Computer Management Features:

  • Computers Registration Wizard allows mass register Active Directory, Workgroup computers. It also supports import of comma/tab separated addresses lists from plain text files.
  • Dynamic Search Folders. Scanning your network for online computers has never been easier. You can scan for online VNC, RDP, SSH, Citrix ICA servers or for any computer responding to a Ping request. You can scan the Active Directory tree, Workgroups or IP address ranges.
  • Remote Exec offers support for three types of remote connection methods: SSH connection, Windows Remote Management and traditional “psexec.exe” like method. Click here to learn more.
  • Show who is logged on. Shows the users logged on to a remote computer.
  • WMI Query Manager allows you you can fully utilitize the power of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), without the complexity.
  • Show computer inventory. Can fetch detailed information about a remote computer, including information about the software installed and the hardware configuration.

VNC Management:

  • The latest RealVNC, UltraVNC and TightVNC distributions are fully supported. Our built-in VNC viewer includes support for: UltraVNC/TightVNC file-transfers, UltraVNC Chat, UltraVNC Repeater, UltraVNC NTLM authentication, Select Single Window and MSRC4 DSM plug-in.
  • VNC Deployment Wizard allows remote installation and un-installation of UltraVNC, TightVNC and RealVNC based servers.
  • Reset VNC Server Password Wizard allows you to reset passwords simultaneously on all remote VNC servers.
  • VNC Thumbnail View allows multiple computers to be monitored on-screen at the same time.
  • Start, stop or restart remote VNC server.
  • Screen stretching lets you stretch the remote screen image to fit the viewer window.
  • Capture and save screenshots lets you capture remote VNC server screens. Also, in the Thumbnails View, a user can take screenshots at user specified time intervals.


  • NEW: The VNC Manager now saves the registration details so you wouldn’t have to re-enter them after installing a new build       
  • FIX: Several fixes related to the group folders "settings inheritance" feature


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