TracerPlus Wireless Server 5.3

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TracerPlus Wireless Server 5.3

Real time mobile applications are no longer only a privilege for those with big budgets! TracerPlus Wireless Server enables companies of any size to to share and manage your company’s data in real time over WWAN, WIFI and Cellular networks.

TracerPlus Wireless Server extends the functionality of TracerPlus by serving as a gateway between mobile workers using the TracerPlus Client, and a wide variety of ODBC compliant applications including Access, Oracle and SQL Server.

As with all PTS software, TracerPlus Wireless Server is known for its ease of use and can be configured without any programming knowledge. Create your TracerPlus applications for your PDAs and connect your database to TracerPlus Wireless Server. In minutes, your entire organization is connected to a constantly updated database.
TracerPlus Wireless Server will automatically configure the wireless connection between TracerPlus enabled terminals and your host data source. Mapping data is simple; just choose your host database and match your TracerPlus fields to your host data source fields.


  • Move in and out of Dead Spots with Store and Forward Technology.
  • Compatible with all WLAN WWAN / Cellular Networks.
  • Intuitive Setup Wizard speeds configuration.
  • Powerful ODBC based field mapping.
  • Data Viewer allows monitoring and editing of enterprise data.
  • Data filtering tool streamlines workflow.
  • Client and Server Monitor screens ease mobile administration.
  • Sample Access database included.


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