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Xshell 3.0 Build 0263

Xshell is a powerful SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL terminal emulator for Windows platforms. It allows users to gain access to Unix/Linux hosts easily and securely on a Windows workstation. SSH (Secure Shell) protocol supports encryption and user authentication for secure connections over the Internet, and it replaces legacy protocols such as TELNET and RLOGIN.

Xshell is designed to satisfy both beginners and advanced users. Its user interface is intuitive and it provides advanced users with powerful features such as local commands, searching with regular expressions, dynamic port forwarding, international languages and so forth.

Secures network connections against malicious attacks.
Xshell supports SSH1/SSH2 protocols, password, and DSA/RSA public key user authentication methods, and encrypts all traffics with various encryption algorithms.

Replaces insecure telnet clients.
Xshell supports VT100, VT220, VT320, XTERM, LINUX, SCOANSI and ANSI terminal emulation and provides various terminal appearance options replacing legacy telnet clients.

Supports secure connections for X11 and arbitrary TCP/IP applications.
Xshell supports the port forwarding feature over the SSH tunneling mechanism, so that all TCP/IP applications can share the secure connection without any modification on the program.


  • Supporting multiple language for global users(UTF8 encoding)       
  • Switching layout by pressing short key 
  • Using Session tab to open multiple sessions in a single window       
  • Using local shell interface to control Xshell
  • Using Compose bar to send a string to multiple servers at once.       
  • Using tunneling bar for real time channel monitoring (SSH)
  • Using Dynamic Port Forwarding with Tunneling bar (SSH)       
  • Sending response automatically with Wait & Response   
  • Using full screen view to use your entire monitor as a terminal       
  • Sending terminal contents to Notepad with click of a button   
  • Interoperability: Xftp for file transfer       
  • Launching X applications through SSH tunnel (X11 forwarding)   
  • Making a quick SSH/Telnet connection using the Address bar       
  • Using Quick Command to send frequently used commands and strings
  • Securing your communication with the server using the SSH protocol       
  • Generating the user/public key with SSH Key Generation Wizard
  • Xactivator for convenient and quick access to your servers


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