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AutoTextMe software takes words, sentences, and phrases that you commonly use in documents or computer programs and allows you to create short codes or abbreviations for them. When one of the codes or abbreviations is typed, AutoTextMe finds the matching long word or phrase and enters it in the document for you just by hitting the enter or space bar. This complete program will enable you to take words, phrases, and/or whole paragraphs from a full list of imported codes, abbreviations, and/or symbols and instantly enter them into an email message, Microsoft Word file, or any other document with the stroke of a key. The best part is, there’s no annoying suggestion or expand feature trying to fill in a word for you, because you create your own custom list of abbreviations and define your code for each.

The configuration of the program makes it easy to setup and use in various files, as well as stop the software at any time. Use our program to standardize your customer messaging via emails. No more typos in client communication, no more wasting time on correction; your customer service department now has no need to worry about miscommunications or embarrassing spelling mistakes when responding to customers via emails or letters. 


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