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MemoClip is a clipboard extender and information manager that significantly enhances the capabilities of the Windows Clipboard. The standard "copy and paste" capability of Windows lets you transfer only one piece of information at a time. Moreover, some third-party programs, or Windows itself, overwrites the Clipboard whether you are ready or not.
What can MemoClip do?

MemoClip watches the Windows Clipboard and automatically captures all items that you cut or copy. Once your data is saved in MemoClip, you can view it, edit it, format it, clean it up, export it and even combine items. Any item can be placed back on the Clipboard or pasted directly into an application with just a few mouse clicks, key presses or a user-defined global hotkey.

You can store an unlimited number of items in collections that are organized in a tree like category structure. Each collection has separate rules as to how long to keep information, so you can use a "Short-Term" collection to track your Clipboard history for the past few days.

In addition to auto-capture, you can manually add notes in just two key strokes. Jot down ideas, phone numbers, addresses or everything you currently have in that stack of yellow stickies. Create "Long-Term" collections to keep your bookmarks, letter closings, recipes, project notes, snippets of HTML code, or WHATEVER.

MemoClip also supports auto-replace, regardless of what application you may be working with. Insert commonly used text by entering just a short abbreviation (text shortcut) nickname. For example, you could abbreviate the name of your firm/organization “cs” and have it expand to “Code Sector Inc." after pressing Space. Enter special symbols like ™ by simply typing ™. Insert signatures in email messages.


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