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Universal Document Converter 5.0

Universal Document Converter converts to graphics any document you can print. It may be a Microsoft Word file, a PDF, a Web page, a graph or a chart and so on. UDC supports various image formats and resolutions, contains pre-built profiles covering the most typical conversion tasks and features flexible settings.

The program is very friendly and really easy-to-use. If you ever printed documents to a printer, you should be able to start using UDC immediately.

Features of Universal Document Converter:
* Export into 8 formats. Documents of any type can be exported into Adobe PDF or graphical files in 7 popular formats: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, DCX, GIF or BMP.
* Work with multipage documents. Several documents of various types can be united into one multipage file.
* Universality. The technology of virtual printing makes it possible to convert documents of any type, including multipage reports, technical drawings and commercial posters, into a chosen format.
* High resolution. The ability to export documents with a resolution
up to 2,400 DPI enables you to save all elements of design of
advertising materials and the minutest details of drawings and
electronic diagrams.
* Automatic margin cropping. The function of
automatic cropping of empty margins makes it unnecessary to edit
graphical copies of tables and diagrams before placing them in
presentations or text documents.
* Economy of system resources. Low
consumption of system resources enables you to export documents of
practically any size and containing hundreds of pages.
|* Practicality. The direct export of a document into a graphical file (instead of printing and scanning a paper copy) economizes on expendable materials and time.
* Ease of use. For exporting documents of any type into Adobe PDF or graphical files all that is required is to print them using the printer named ‘Universal Document Converter’.
* Advanced algorithm of quantization. Advanced algorithm for image quantization makes it possible to produce the highest quality copies even when converting them into a black and white format.


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