CCCalc 1.9

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Imagine a
calculator which prints everything to a paper tape. Imagine
also that you are able to correct any printed character, and
the tape will instantly recalculate everything itself.

Cool? This is
what CCCalc does.

precision, controllable rounding-up, drag-n-drop and
clipboard support, special data formatting, visible and even
editable “memory”, nice appearance and many other features
make CCCalc very convenient for everyday quick calculations,
either casual or professional.

And, yes, it is a freeware.


  • CCCalc is a freeware calculator that combines an ease of use
    of desktop check-n-correct calculators and power of
    spreadsheet applications.
  • It performs four basic arithmetic operations
    minus, multiply and divide) and
    square root. It also provides full set of
    percent calculations as most of desktop or pocket calculators: simply
    add "%" symbol to the end of an appropriate number.
  • All calculations are performed in
    a true decimal form, that means that you will get exactly
    the same results as if you calculate with a paper and pencil. It
    also provides unlimited precision so you
    can use hundreds of digits in your numbers if you need so.
  • CCCalc is optimized to be effective and convenient for
    everyday use for everybody.
    It displays many lines of calculations to help you to navigate
    in a complicated formula or to find a misprint, if any. It automatically stores all
    calculations until you delete them yourself.
    Every line you see in its screen is editable as if it were
    an ordinary computer text, so you can easily browse through
    the whole calculations history to correct errors or reuse numbers and expressions.
    You may also exchange data with other Windows
    applications via
    clipboard or mouse drag-drop.
  • To simplify complicated calculations CCCalc features
    full set of operations with memory. You may not only add or
    subtract but also multiply or divide memory with a given
    number. Number
    of memory slots is practically unlimited and they are visible and even editable
    as everything else.


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