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Cobra Print Viewer

Cobra Print Viewer is a very useful tool to allow you to see the actual print jobs queued on any of your printers.

Unlike the standard Windows print queue manager which only lists each job as text, with this tool you can see the actual image of the job that is queued to be printed. A simple to use tool easily allows you to select any of your printers, see at a glance what print jobs are queued, perform actions on those jobs such as viewing full screen, pause/resume the job, rename the job on the printer queue, cancel the job and even save the print job to an image file (all common image formats are supported).

This tool is especially useful if you print any documents or pictures whilst not connected directly to a printer. Then, when you are ready to do some actual printing, you can quickly and easily see what has been queued and remind yourself what each job will look like when printed. Particularly useful if it has been in the queue for some time and you cannot remember what was printed. The rename option also allows you to give the queued job a more memorable name that will mean something to you later on.


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