GlassCalc 1.01

Joel Spadin
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GlassCalc 1.01

GlassCalc is a calculator with a wholly uninspired name. Really, the
only reason I called it GlassCalc is because it has an extra bit of
Aero glass. That, and I couldn’t find any other calculator programs
called GlassCalc.

GlassCalc is designed to be used with a keyboard, not a mouse.
Instead of clicking buttons, just type an expression in the Input box
and hit Enter. It’s really much faster that way.

GlassCalc is also something of a replacement for the XP
PowerToy Calculator, which only runs on Vista and Windows 7 as an
administrator, which is totally annoying.

GlassCalc is programmed in C# and WPF.


  • You don’t have to click buttons!
  • It can evaluate simple and complex mathematical expressions.
  • You can define functions and variables and use them in expressions.
  • It remembers said functions and variables when you close and open it again.
  • It can solve most equations that have solutions.
  • It can convert answers to binary, octal, or hexadecimal.
  • It supports degree and radian modes for non hyberbolic trig functions.
  • It doesn’t crash, even if you enter nonsense.
  • Well, okay, I can’t guarantee it doesn’t crash, but I can’t get it too.
  • Of course, on my dev machine, I have all the required libraries. You might not.
  • If it does crash, send me the error log so I can figure out what I screwed up.
  • It does a whole lot more stuff, just download it already and try stuff.



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