Informatik Reformat 10.21

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Informatik Reformat

Informatik Reformat is a universal graphics reformatting and transformation utility, an ideal tool for document management and document imaging systems. Reformat supports single and multipage TIFF files of various compressions (and over 20 current and legacy graphics formats). The interactive program allows you to process selected files, entire directories, even nested subfolders. Included is a utility to convert Tiff files to PDF.

Some of the functions include: reformatting, change compression, resolution, shift, crop, transformation, pixel reduction, text annotation, image merge, image overlays, watermarks, combine or split multi-page, rotate, mirroring, invert, increase or decrease page size (with or without increasing the image size), and much more. 


* Convert virtually any raster file formats
* Tiff to PDF Conversions
* Split multi-page files to single-page files
* Combine single-page files to multi-page TIFF
* Convert single files, entire directories or nested folders
* Split multi-page TIFF into single-page files
* Many TIFF compressions, Lossy and Lossles JPEG, CMYK, YCbCr
* LSB setting for TIFF files (Fillorder), Single-Strip, Multi-Strip setting
* Quality setting for JPEG
* Resize image by inches, percent, pixels. ByteParity option
* Change canvas size (change dimension of file without increasing image size)
* Shift, move, pan image to increase or reduce borders
* Crop image
* Clean up rim areas
* Change resolutions (vertical and/or horizontal)
* Rotate, invert, flip images
* Text annotations. Powerful placement and text merge options.
* Watermarks
* Insert images (opaque, semi-transparent)
* Convert or extract range of pages
* Merge image, watermarks. Opaque, transparent, negative


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