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SharePoint Server 2007

You can use a SharePoint site to share information and get your work
done more efficiently. A SharePoint site offers workspaces and tools
that your team can use to track projects, coordinate schedules, and
collaboratively create and edit documents.

You can use a site to store routine information for a single department
or short-term information for a special project that spans several
departments. By using a collaborative workspace such as a team site,
your team can become more efficient and more productive.

You can use a site to manage projects and coordinate tasks and
deadlines among team members. The Project Tasks list template includes
a Gantt chart view where you can see task relationships and project
status. Your team can coordinate their work with shared calendars,
alerts, and notifications. You can also connect a calendar on your
SharePoint site to your calendar in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007,
where you can view and update it just as you do your personal calendar.

Groups of people can create, review, and edit documents collaboratively
on a SharePoint site. You can use document libraries to store and
manage important documents, or use Document Workspace sites to
coordinate the development of specific documents. Slide Libraries are a
great place to share and reuse Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 slides
in a central location. You can take document libraries offline in
Office Outlook 2007 to enable people to view and edit documents while
they are not connected to the network.

You can use a team site to capture and share collective team knowledge or important information.
Teams can create and capture community knowledge or document internal processes in a wiki.
You can use surveys or discussions to gather information or encourage dialog, and then share your findings in a blog.
Team members can use alerts or Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to track updates to your sites.

You can use portal sites to work collaboratively and access the people,
information, and business applications that you need to do your job.
Office SharePoint Server 2007 includes features that organizations can
use to personalize the portal site for individuals or groups of users.

Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features for creating, managing, and storing content throughout an enterprise. You can use workflows (workflow: The automated movement of documents or items through a specific sequence of actions or tasks related to a business process. Workflows can be used to consistently manage common business processes, such as document approval or review.) to help manage the process of creating, reviewing, publishing, and even managing the content that your organization creates.

Document management capabilities can help you consolidate content from
multiple locations into a Document Center, which is a centrally managed
repository that has consistent categorization


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