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Optimal Trader
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Optimal Trader

Trading software package for all instruments on every market! Optimal Trader is easy to use but powerful, combining technical analysis with statistical analysis, modern signal processing and neural networks. A large database with stocks, mutual funds, currencies and indices is available for free.

By following trading signals of Optimal Trader you will improve your timing on the stock market and make better investment decisions.

The powerful portfolio and market scanning tool, with innovative factors and neural network forecasting, helps you pick winning stocks.

  • Optimal Trader is using traditional and in-house developed models, improved and refined for best results.
  • Technical analysis with neural networks. Optimal Trader includes an advanced and fast neural network to find patterns in stock data.
  • Pick winning stocks based on your criteria and neural network forecasting.
  • Risk Management: Diversify your portfolio and minimize risk.
  • Adaptive noise suppression of price moves gives you earlier signals when the trend is changing and less erroneous signals when the trend is uncertain.
  • Select the best models and the best settings for stocks based on empirical results for stocks with similar price development.
  • Model parameters are optimized reliable every day.
  • Combination of several models to produce stable trading signals. The combination is optimized separately for every stock.
  • Day-by-day Back Testing helping you to estimate the results of following the models in reality.
  • Optimal Traders Trailing Stop-Loss Indicator helps you find optimal trailing-stop limits. Protect yourself from losing too much and lock in more and more profits at the same time.
  • Estimate predictability of equities with the Hurst Exponent
  • Download stocks, funds, currencies and indices from the entire world. Select equities from intuitive dropdown lists.
  • Advanced technical analysis on the Forex Market. Many currencies are included with 15 minutes delay and a large historical database.
  • Import, export and edit historical prices with the help of Excel.


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