Advanced Phone Recorder 2.5

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Advanced Phone Recorder 2.5

Advanced Phone Recorder is a piece of software that let you record your calls to your computer for future reference. It can be also used as an answering machine when you are not available to answer the call. An indispensable tool in your office with its handy interface will make you more productive and secure.

How often do you want to record both sides of your telephone conversations for future reference or for checking what you both said? For commercial orders placed over the phone such a recording device is invaluable. So now using your voice modem with a click of a button the whole conversation is saved to your hard disk.

Your incoming calls are automatically recorded. Yes but what if you are not there to answer the call? The answering machine will do the job for you. You may set different greeting messages for daily time periods. Set one message for working hours and another for non-working. You may also set greeting messages based on caller ID. Welcome your friends with friendly messages.

A “remote access” feature let you call your phone and dialing an access code navigate yourself listening to your answering machine messages.

Logs date, time and duration stamp.
Every call is stamped with a time identity to distinguish it from a plethora of messages.

You may write memos.
Annotate a recording with comment regarding the context of the recording. Later you can make a search on memos to find specific calls.

Adjust the recording and play level of your modem.
We can configure settings of your hardware. Recording gain and play through your modem can be set.

Creates WAV files.
The software creates standard Windows wav files that can be handled by any external player or sound editor.
You can select the compression format of the wav files saved to your hard disk, such as uncompressed PCM, ACELP, a-law, u-law, DSP truespeech, GSM 6.10, IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, G723.1,  Creative fastspeech, MP3 and many others your system supports. Selecting the right format you can have compression ratio about 2.81Mb/hour. Create and process lists of calls i.e. personal calls, sales, orders, customers, etc.It’s not so handy to have all calls and messages in a list. Some calls are trivial but others are important. Some are from friends and others from customers.

Set it run when windows starts up.
It’s not necessary to load the software every time we start Windows. Set it as a service it loads to memory and stays in system tray. Double clicking on its icon the software shows up.

Adjust digitally signal level.
If the conversation or the message has low volume you may increase with a click of a button.

Equalize voices between calling and called party.
In some cases there are differences in volume level between calling and called parties. A software algorithm undertakes the job to equalize the voices and bring them to approximately same level.

Database search.
You can search the table to find specific calls.

Email your recordings.
You may on a recording or a set of recordings and email them directly.

Detects and saves caller ID.
It keeps in a separate column of the table the caller ID of your incoming calls.

Answering machine.
If you are not available to answer the call, don’t worry. Your answering machine will handle it.




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