BookBuddi 4.1

Paul B Way
22.4 MB
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Windows All
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BookBuddi 4.1

This software uses the Microsoft Text to Speech Agent Characters, or Real mp3 Audio, to read back books or documents stored in *.bkk files. These files are created by this software, after copy-paste from other applications or scanner+OCR. The bookbuddi ebook consists of multiple pages or topics, each with its own optional picture (left pane) or text (right pane), that when read, highlights the current position and automatically changes to the next page. The separate scroll means that the picture stays visible at all times, as you scroll the text. (real books can’t do that, they require page flipping or a 2nd book).

Also Readbuddi.exe in Program FilesBookbuddi, copy-paste web pages and other documents to read aloud.

It is a useful study aid, since you can look at the picture while its explanation is read to you. It allows you to repeat or goto a sentence while reading. (by selecting it with the mouse). By re-reading and repetition, you learn and understand! (saves your eyes, not your ears).


  • Earn more Free Time OR get more done
  • Let the computer do all your Reading Work
  • Maths made < Difficult with talking equations
  • It’s much better than a plain paper text book
  • Scan and Create Your Own Talking Picture Books and Photo Albums
  • Create product demos and price specials with display mode
  • Useful Study Aid, make notes and generate a synopsis
  • ProofRead your Documents
  • Controlled SpeedRead function
  • Separate Scroll for text and pictures
  • CopyProtect your Documents
  • Dual Voice to reduce Monotony
  • Uses SAPI compliant TextToSpeech Engines
  • Auto skin changer
  • Real Audio, add your own voice, music and singing to your photo album and presentations
  • Make learning and reading far more enjoyable, and at your own pace
  • Make learning and reading far more comfortable, with a sofa and laptop
  • Digest a large volume of information quickly and easily
  • It’s the next best thing to a brain machine


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