eDoc Organizer 2.1.0

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eDoc Organizer 2.1.0

eDoc Organizer is the easiest document management software you will ever use. Even though eDoc Organizer is simple to use, it is still a very sophisticated and powerful program loaded with features. Whether you need to keep track of your scanned paper documents or your PC documents, we have you covered. Our simple labeling system, combined with a powerful search engine, ensures you will find the file you’re looking for with ease. eDoc Organizer also lets you sort, filter, and perform full text searches. We encourage you to download our basic version, so that you can see for yourself how quickly and easily you can get organized using eDoc Organizer.

Getting organized doesn’t have to be difficult. eDoc Organizer offers a comprehensive set of features that make scanning and managing documents a breeze.

TWAIN support
TWIAIN is the common language of scanners. eDoc Organizer works with scanners that follow the TWAIN standard, which specifies how images are transferred from a scanner to a PC. This ensures wide compatibility, as most manufacturers ship TWAIN software with their scanners, or provide a free download.

Saves documents as PDFs
eDoc Organizer saves your scanned documents in PDF format, a worldwide standard that’s easily accessible to all. So you don’t have to fear getting locked into a proprietary format that you can’t use outside of eDoc Organizer.

Document Thumbnails
eDoc Organizer provides you with large, clear document thumbnails to improve the way you work with application files, digital photos, PDF files, and all your scanned paper documents. Quickly browse, organize and use all your files without having to open them to see what’s inside.

Fast and Reliable Searches
eDoc Organizer has a comprehensive and powerful search engine that enables you to find any document instantly by searching for keywords or document content. It’s a revolutionary way to intelligently find what you are looking for no matter what it is!

Post-Scan OCR Processing
Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in English, French, or Spanish languages ensures that all scanned image content is accurate and searchable. So you can find any document right away.




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