FusionDesk Professional Edition 1.3.0

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FusionDesk Professional Edition 1.3.0 FusionDesk Starter Edition

FusionDesk will help you manage your tasks more easily and efficiently than ever before. Organize your tasks in hierarchical folders. Define dynamic filters so you can find them easier later. Track time worked on each task. Sync your data with Outlook, a mobile device or another PC.

FusionDesk is your everyday companion and as such it is designed to endure your high demands. Project Templates allow you to get up to speed. Each task can be entered with a single press of a button. Each task can have additional notes and attached file to it.

Work without worrying, FusionDesk supports unlimited Undo/Redo. Automatic Backup makes sure you never lose your valuable data. Copy and Paste tasks from a folder to another. Drag & Drop tasks and folder in an intuitive way.

Intended for intensive usage, FusionDesk is a breeze to work with. It comprises of three panes. The organization pane on the left, the task list pane in the middle and task properties pane on the right. The interface balances between the versatile funtionality FusionDesk offers you and the ease of use you need. For better use FusionDesk uses the ribbon found in Office 2007.

The user interface is very adaptable. It easily conforms to the different sized displays. You can snap the left organization pane and the right task properties pane to make space for the task list. Whether you will use it on a laptop, desktop PC, or even the very compact Ultra Mobile PC it will use the space available in the most optimal way.

If you are going to be staring at the interface for whole day, why not look at something eleagant and beautiful? And since beauty is subjective, FusionDesk allows you to customize its look by choosing a color theme from the built-in ones. or create your own.


  • Folders & Smart Views: Manage multiple projects at once, keep them organized in separate tabs. Organize your tasks logically in hierarchical folders and sub-folders. Move tasks easily from one folder to another simply by dragging and dropping. Archive all completed tasks with a single click, so they are out of sight, easy to access. Recover deleted tasks from the Trash folder.
  • Filtering: Get a clearer picture of your tasks by filtering your list using highly customizable filters. Get back to your frequently used filters by saving them as Smart Views. Specify a context for each task in order to implement GTD. Add tags to tasks, so you can find them easier in future.
  • Alerts & Recurring Tasks: Never miss an important meeting. Remember an event when you need to. Each task can have a simple or a recurring reminder. 


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