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Gantt Designer 2.0

Gantt Designer is a charting software tool, with functions to check for data integrity, manipulate tasks easily and annotate tasks. The result is that you get an immediate visual verification whether your schedules and activities make sense and whether they can meet your deadlines.

Gantt Designer caters to busy people who are not project management gurus but need a Gantt chart to showcase their project activities or their schedules in a business proposal.

Gantt Designer is a versatile drawing tool to do just that. Some of the main features:

  • Easy to use – drag to move task start times or duration.
  • A wide range of bar types and colors and shades.
  • Linked tasks – changing the start date or duration of a predecessor task will automatically shift all successor tasks appropriately. Tells you right away whether your total schedule is acceptable.
  • Easy printing options – decide how you want to print, especially if your chart spans multiple pages.
  • Print a portion of or a whole chart and paste it into Office documents or web pages.


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