Grindstone 2.0

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Grindstone 2.0

Grindstone is your first step forward into that world, greatly simplifying everything about staying on top of your time, from automatically recording it to producing useful reports based on it. Grindstone has also introduced a highly extensible architecture for customized data, much more than you’d expect from a project management and time tracking solution for a single user. Using Custom Fields, you can track anything you like along with your tasks, such as which client they’re for, what project they’re a part of, or related web sites or e-mail addresses. And all of the task management functions available will automatically work with these new pieces of data: groupable, searchable, sortable.

Grindstone has a unique role on your system. It’s a program that should be consistently available to you, but as a consequence of it’s function–keeping track of your time while you’re working so you don’t have to–it shouldn’t be your computer’s focus. That is why we have carefully scrutinized and continuously improve Grindstone’s speed and consumption of system resources. We’ve worked hard to ensure Grindstone won’t interfere with your work, even if your job involves pushing your computer to its limits.

Grindstone’s interface is designed to be smaller and more straightforward by comparison. Through consistent review of common user workflow, we’ve endeavored to reduce the required amount of interaction with Grindstone to a bare minimum so that you can achieve incredible accuracy with regard to your time while concentrating the vast majority of your efforts on actually working.



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