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MDAccess 2.6

MDAccess is a Charting/Reporting program that reads data from Multi-Dimensional Access/Sql Server databases created by ETR, PointMan Reporter, or MDAccess itself. Due to the Multi-Dimensional structure of the databases, data can be easily accessed, rotated, or manipulated.

MDA (Multi-Dimensional) Access/Sql Server databases can be constructed from simple Excel spreadsheets that have several columns, at least one of which is numeric. They can also be built from data queried from a Sql database that results in multiple columns with at least one numeric column.  The option to build these databases is available in MDAccess under the ‘Database’ menu item.


  • Flexible Element Selector: allows for easy manipulation of available database elements with various searching, sorting, sub setting capabilities.
  • Seamless Plot Type Conversion: allows for easy change of one plot type to another.
  • Easy Axis Rotation: allows for easy data view alteration.
  • Calculations: allows for minor algebraic calculations including subtotaling of elements by attributes or individual selections, which combined with the MDA Database export function, allow for easy access to pre-calculated values.
  • Change History: allows for easy Undo and Redo of alterations.
  • Multiple Document Forms: allows for multiple forms showing multiple plots from multiple databases.
  • Multiple Plots per Form: allows for multiple plots to be displayed in same form.
  • Multi-Page Plots: allows for easy arrangement of multiple pages of plots within a plot.
  • Plot and Plot Section Positioning as well as Plot and Plot Section Drag and Drop
  • Easy Plot Form Definiton Save and Restore
  • Excel Export Functionality: provides for easy export of data to Excel.
  • Editable MDA Databases by Access or Sql Server Management Studio
  • MDA Database Builds from External Data: allows data in Excel, Oracle, Sql Server, or Access databases to be used as input to build MDA Databases.
  • MDA Database Builds from Existing MDA Databases: allows data to be subset or add Elements to MDA Databases.
  • MDA Database Direct Editing: to build MDA Databases from Scratch or alter existing MDA Database Values.
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • Print Preview
  • Annotations: easily positioned and arranged.
  • Annotations with Background Pictures
  • Pictures: easily added and positioned.
  • Same Scaling across Multiple Plot Pages: optionally allows auto-scaling across any number of pages of plots.
  • Text Group Formatting: allows various fonts, colors, and appearance features to be added to groups of function related text.
  • Plot Sections with Coloration or Background Pictures
  • Dynamic Plot Section, Plot Piece Tooltips: includes tabular as well as plot section tooltips.
  • Statistical Lines

Change Log:

  • Upgrade to .Net Framework 3.5
  • Move Preferences File to MDAccess Directory
  • Explode Pies option
  • Plot Type Detail menu for Pie Plots
  • Plot Type Detail menu for Scatter Plots
  • Plot Type Detail menu for Bubble Plots
  • Plot Group Titles 2 Line option
  • MDAccess Icon change
  • Diagonal Plot Group Titles option
  • Tabular ‘Top Diagonal’ option
  • Leading and Trailing Tabular Characters option
  • Context Menu changes
  • Replace Calc with Calc Components option
  • Help File changes


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