MiniCharts for Excel 1.0

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MiniCharts for Excel 1.0

Mini Charts helps you to understand complex relationships in your Excel data. with Mini Charts you can use Sparklines, Heatmaps, Mini Charts and Bump charts, getting dramatically improved data visualization for fast and effective parallel comparisons.

Mini Charts works with Excel personalization options. Because it has been created based on Excel native graphics, they can be personalized using all the styles and formats that Excel offers to enrich its presentation.

As it´s been constructed over Excel´s own graphics, it is not necessary to install fonts or any additional requirements to be able to visualize the graphics and distribute them so you won´t have the disadvantage of waiting for the graphics to recalculate whenever the data is modified.

You have four options for graphics. First you have the possibility of adding Sparklines resized to the size of a cell in order to make a fast analysis of your data. Second, you can insert heatmaps and icons in oder to analyze your data up to 5 dimensions, Third you also have Mini Charts that are optimized size graphics that allow a suitable representation of greater amounts of data for dashboards, Fourth see changes in your data immediately with bump charts.


  • In Excel to format a cell we must choose a format when the "YES" condition is true (becomes true) and another different format when the "NO" condition is true (becomes false). But using Mini Charts you could choose a format for only "One" condition, without the need to configure its opposite. For example: paint red backgrounds where results show losses and nothing else.
  • You could also generate a reporter with external data sheet. This sheet can be in the same workbook, in another book, in a database or in a web page.
  • Thanks to its internal structure and encoding Mini Charts allows you to categorize databases in Excel or large pieces of data using dynamic tables.
  • Also you can see quickly any change in any ranking applying Bump charts.
  • In Mini Charts you will find: Sparklines, Heatmaps, icons, Bump charts and Mini Charts.


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