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Pixetell 1.3

Pixetell accelerates business communication 50-200% by enabling you to quickly add voice, screen recordings and video to email and electronic documents. It fills the gap between email and web conferencing when you need to communicate topics that are visually rich, detailed or complex.

Let’s say you need to present features of a product to make the sale to a potential customer. Or show an existing customer how to use that product. Or communicate with an overseas manufacturing organization on changes to a product design. You start an email, type a paragraph and realize there is far too much complexity to convey using text and attachments. You try to schedule a web conference. Multiple schedules don’t align, and now you’re into next week. Time lost is opportunity lost. Avoid delays. “Say it. Show it. Send it.” with Pixetell.

Meeting in another web conference, calling multiple times before you reach a client to explain documents, and giving yet another presentation are not always an efficient use of your time. Communicate complex points effortlessly, without the need for calls and online meetings. Collaborate with your colleagues anywhere, and any time. Simple screen recorders don’t provide that capability.

Pixetell is secure, feature-rich software that you can download and use in minutes. It allows you to work together at your own pace without the need to meet face to face. When it is difficult to get your whole team together for a meeting, use Pixetell to keep your project moving forward.


  • Communicate when it is convenient for you without waiting for a meeting or a return phone call.
  • Easily combine screen recordings, voice, webcam, and attachments into a secure, interactive message that can be sent as a link through email, or made available through content management systems such as wikis, blogs, and document repositories.
  • Recipients view Pixetells on their own schedule in a standard web browser, even if they do not have Pixetell installed. With a quick download they can reply with their own Pixetell message. Pixetell integrates all functionality required to store, manage and share messages with no reliance on external websites, tools, or services.
  • Communication and collaboration are vital to today’s remote and global organizations. Pixetell is an all-in-one tool that solves the problem of remote complex communications. Pixetell provides the quickest way to convey proposals, designs, spreadsheets or other digital information, with absolute clarity and impact.


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