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Printer Activity Monitor 3.6

Printer Activity Monitor is a software product for monitoring the efficiency of your company’s printer usage. With Printer Activity Monitor you can find out which documents are printed on each of the selected printers, which employees use printers most often, the number of pages printed, the computer ordering the printing, etc.

No office can function without a printer. The bigger the office, the more printers it has, and the larger are the related costs on paper, ink and additional equipment. Printer Activity Monitor is a "do-gooder" kind of program that actually makes you money, instead of wasting it, by lowering your printing costs (up to fifty dollars a year per laser printer, according to our customer survey). How? It tracks each document printed and keeps a database of all printing activity.

Printer Activity Monitor immediately identifies any employees who overuse or abuse company printers. Second, it allows you to plan you printing budget properly, so you don’t have to buy extra ink, cartridges and paper "just in case". Finally, it shows real use of each printer, so you can re-rout network document flow instead of purchasing new printers.

The program is presented in three modules. The first one(Agent) is works as system service and tracks every document printed. The second module(Data Center) calculates this data and third module(Console) generates reports and diagrams.


  • integration with Active Directory;
  • compatibility with Terminal Services;
  • compatibility with Microsoft Cluster Server;
  • managing all application modules remotely;
  • working with an unlimited number of printers;
  • installing all application modules separately;
  • intercepting the images of printed documents;
  • independent of printer types and their manufacturers;
  • has task scheduler for automating the creation and delivery of reports.
  • possibility to use SQLite, MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle as data storage;
  • detecting exact print job properties: the number of copies, the number of printed pages and so on
  • allows generating a great number of reports and diagrams reflecting the efficiency of your printer usage;
  • reduces your printing expenses;
  • monitoring printers in an organization in a centralized way;
  • helps prevent attempts to use the office printers for employees’ personal use.


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