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Talking Clipboard 2.0

Talking Clipboard is a text to speech software for Windows, that can read any type of document using natural sounding synthetic voices (SAPI 5 compliant) and can convert them to MP3 or WAV audio files for your music player. It can start reading selected text from any other application by just pressing one Hotkey and supports reading from a large number of document formats natively, like: ePub books, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, CHM books, HTML web pages, RSS feeds, TXT and scanned image documents using Optical character recognition (tesseract).

You can convert text documents to WAV or MP3 (with ID3 tags) audio files, using batch command line conversion or GUI tools. Talking Clipboard has intuitive interface like a media player, so that you can Play/Pause/Stop, jump to next or previous paragraph or line via menu or multi media remote or keyboard. It highlights the currently spoken word so that you can follow the text while listening. You can define alias like engineering for engg. or IPA pronunciation for any word like proper nouns, insert audio for sound word’s like laugh, cough, burp, phone ringing, etc. for better clarity of spoken text and enhanced listening experience.

You can open any website in Talking Clipboard and can remove unwanted text and advertisements (using user written customized programs or scripts) and read your favorite article just like any other document. Other features include bookmarks to traverse through large documents, auto spell correction, filter and modify text to be read using regular expressions, read emotions :), RSS reader, inbuilt dictionary for abstruse word lookup, insert speech pause, insert multiple voices in a single document, Talking Reminder, full screen mode, adjust speed, volume, text font and color, and many other features .


  • Reads text using any Microsoft SAPI 5 compliant voice.
  • Reads any document: Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, Web Pages, TEXT.
  • Reads eBooks in ePub format, other formats can be converted using any2epub.
  • Edit and Save the files in TEXT, WAV and MP3 (with ID3 tags) format.
  • Contain OCR to read scanned documents (images).
  • Highlight currently spoken word while reading text and web pages.
  • Reads text from any program via Clipboard, just copy the selected text.
  • Batch *.txt files conversion to audio files from command prompt.
  • Change pronunciation of any word, like personal nouns using IPA.
  • Mozilla Firefox text to speech toolbar addon.
  • Set speech alias for any words like doctor for Dr.
  • Modify input text using regular expression before start reading.
  • Set bookmarks within text articles and move to them using menu entries.
  • Set longer pauses between sentences and paragraphs, if desired.
  • Control reading from menu, system tray and also via media remote control.
  • Adjust voice, speed, pitch, volume, text font, font & background color, etc.
  • Read from cursor or read selected text or read the whole text.
  • Smart read using F5, read selected text if any otherwise read from cursor.
  • Pause, Stop, Jump to next/previous line or paragraph any time while reading.
  • Accelerator keys for all buttons and menus, supports multimedia keys.
  • Configure clipboard reading and MP3 output settings like frequency, bit rate.
  • Insert voice change within a single article.
  • Open files from shell context menu or drag & drop or using the File menu.
  • Supports talking reminder facility, never forgot/miss important things.
  • In-built Wordnet dictionary, and support for online Wiktionary.
  • Filter non-alpha symbols from the text before reading.
  • Minimize to system tray and automatically run on windows startup.
  • Search or Replace any text in the in-built editor.
  • Insert pause of any time limit between text, to give audio more natural effect.
  • Insert audio for sound word’s like laugh, cough, burp or telephone ringing, etc.
  • Read emotions in the text from emails or IM chat like happy 🙂 or sad :(, etc.
  • Inbuilt spell checker for better readability and pronunciations.
  • Inbuilt RSS reader, to listen to the latest news and your favorite blogs updates.
  • Remove unwanted text from webpages (HTML scraper) using user written scripts.
  • Full screen mode (F11 key) to act as an e-book reader.
  • Auto correct spelling mistakes using Spell Check and regex.
  • Improved Wikipedia (Open URL) reading experience, using printable view.
  • Print documents and Most recently used file feature.
  • Comes with a CHM decompiler and Unzip utilities to read other formats.
  • Windows Vista Restart Manager compatible.
  • Restore previous session while application startup.
  • Command line batch conversion of all files in a folder to MP3 audio.
  • Reduces eye strain and help environment by saving papers.
  • Help in memorizing important things and preparation for exams.
  • Supports Windows Vista/XP/2000, Windows Server 2003/2008 and Windows 7.
  • It requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework or higher.


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