ZhGrep 0.105

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ZhGrep 0.105

Have you ever had the moment scratching your head, pulling your hairs just because you have totally forgotten where you have put your favorite song on your hard disk, and the only thing you have in mind is part of its lyrics that fortunately saved in its lyric file by a media player helper program?

Or, you have extracted an open-source PHP archive which amounts to more than 20MB on the hard disk, which is not so uncommon nowadays. Now you want to find out which one among those thousands of files contains a particular string that you are looking up. Development IDEs or tools often search only opened files, not including those un-opened sleeping in the installation directory.

On recent Windows, you could use the search button of the system file explorer utility. However, from our experiences, it is unsurprisingly buggy and from time to time crashes the whole file explorer thing including the background process (you notice this because the desktop icons all of sudden disappear totally for a while and then they are refreshed to be viewable again when the background file explorer process is restarted).

Alternatively you could install a monster desktop search component like what Microsoft and Google offer, but many people do not want to. You only need a delicate and decent plain-text file full-text search tool! This is what our ZhGrep program could do for you.



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