Opera Unite 10.10 Build 1874 (Development Snapshot)

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Opera 10.10 Dev Snapshot - Classic Opera 10.10 Dev Snapshot - MSI

User Interface

  • Fixed Bug DSK-266444 (Unusable 1-2px at the right of scrollbars in treeviews)
  • Further Fix to Bug DSK-263695 (URL with non-ASCII characters gets escaped when selected from the address dropdown)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-263706 (Wrong character coding in OZON.ru quick search)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-263755 (Yandex – wrong spelling of search engine name in Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Removed double spaces from license
  • Added further updates from the translators


  • Fixed Bug CORE-23769 (Don’t allow recursion in click -> onclick -> click -> onclick -> click -> …)
  • Fixed a memory leak

Opera Mail

  • Fixed no message selected style

Opera Unite

  • Fix to ensure that cookies are sent when connecting directly to a Unite service
  • Fixed Bug CORE-24628 (Opera sends out UPnP NOTIFY messages before Unite is ready to accept requests.)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-23436 (connection.response.uri has & when the request was %26)
  • Fixed Bug CORE-24626 (Services with servicepath starting in "_" are not rejected)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-266577 (Installing a local unite application moves the archive instead of copying)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-266921 (the computername in the "device takeover" dialog is always "(null)")
  • Further Fix to Bug CORE-23532 (Desktop should show a dialog if the proxy refuses due to being too old)
  • Removing the account tab from home service (temporarily)
  • Updating messenger service and adding it back into Opera


  • Fixed Bug DSK-267066 (Crash when opening file open/save dialog)
  • Fixed Bug DSK-266993 (Change Unite attention icon (Windows))


  • Fixed Bug DSK-263473 (No access to IPv6/v4 hybrid sites without IPv6 route (Opera doesn’t load some sites))
  • Updated the Opera Debian repository signing key in the .deb packages
  • Use X11 based system tray icon (working towards better compatibility with more desktop environments)

What's New

User Interface
    * Help pages open in new tabs
    * Removed shopping.com from Speed Dial
    * Watch out for Jason
    * Fixed Bug DSK-144064 (Return key opens Mail page instead of submitting forms or entering newline)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-267770 (Use cache when requesting favicons)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270018 (Add widgets.opera.com to trusted sites)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-268417 (File access for every keypress when searching from address bar)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-268879 (Russian Yandex uses same IDs as English Yandex)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-269943 (EULA in Japanese on Linux has strange square box marks)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270495 (Hitting Escape in Confirm Exit dialog hides Opera)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270578 (Searching with g space leaks memory)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270676 (New Hide Opera functionality can prevent exit)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270800 (Amazon search present in Italian install [it])
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270814 (Default bookmarks with broken UUID)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-231216 (Crash while background page is loading)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-266313 (It is possible to cancel the master password dialog and still change the setting)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270155 (Crash when entering invalid URL if search field is enabled on error pages)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-265537 (Search doesn't search in sent items)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270172 (Sent mail always shows up in received mail with IMAP)
    * Improved 404 error page
    * Added the service _asd, that provides the list of services in the "ASD" format
    * Changes to confirm exit dialog prefs to account for new three-state pref (exit, hide, show dialog): New pref for Unite exit confirmation
    * Improvements to Unite service performance
    * Fixed Bug CORE-24426 (Opera sends 3 UPnP NOTIFY messages each time a tab is closed)
    * Fixed Bug CORE-25294 (Add device name to UPnP friendly name)
    * Fixed Bug CORE-25435 (Opera does a fraud check for admin domains)
    * Fixed Bug CORE-25545 (Domain in cookies must be punycoded)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-265783 (Cannot access properties of services that have never been started)
    * Reverted Fix to Bug DSK-265783 (Cannot access properties of services that have never been started)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-267197 (Disabling Unite sometimes disables it only for current session)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-268520 (Make pref DoNotUseOperaAccount work)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-269895 (Not able to load homepage if username uses IDN)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-269778 (If Opera can't connect to auth, Unite doesn't start when Opera restarts with unite enabled)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270093 (Implement new confirm exit dialogs)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270351 (Unite applications never started after restart)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270490 (Ok button disabled)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270664 (Applications are not started after first install)
    * Unicode compatibility layer improvement
    * Fixed Bug DSK-190480 (Java error: MSVCR71.dll not found)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-267075 (Unable to upgrade Opera installed to 2-byte named directory)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-268192 (Crash in code to open the firewall (Unite))
    * Small Java fixes
    * Fixed Bug DSK-246913 (Opening external link when set to Start-up dialog freezes Opera)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-265390 (Freezes when accessing IPv6 sites)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-266578 (Java Crash)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-268873 (Implement smarter IPv6/IPv4 connection to prevent stalled loading or errors)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270785 (Error about too many instances of this browser running on Norwegian BankID sites)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270796 (About Opera moved back into Help menu)
    * Partial fix to Bug DSK-267544 (Simplify wrapper script)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-267550 (Opera binds a multicast socket to the UPnP port, but binds it to the wrong IP)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-267557 (Mouse click in page cycle dialog doesn't work with qt3)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-268271 (bookmarks.adr and speeddial.ini are created with readonly (444) permissions on clean install)
    * Fixed Bug DSK-270347 (Hide Opera in Exit dialog doesn't work with Qt4 builds)


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