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Tjat is pioneering the next generation of Complex Mobile Widgets, creating the first interactive, rich Mobile Messaging widget. Tjat’s Messaging Mobile Widgets enable access to all of Tjat’s Messaging Services like Instant Messaging, Email and WEB 2.0 Social networks for all subscribers. The new and appealing user experience includes Sound and Vibration notifications and fully animated emoticons.

The TJAT mobile IM solution, mobile operators can offer their subscribers quick and affordable access to the world’s most popular IM services from ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Chikka, and Google Talk.

Proven solution currently utilized by the world’s largest mobile operators, the TJAT Mobile IM solution is the conduit for consumer communication anytime and anywhere, any network, any device, any language.

IM remains one of the most popular methods for online communications. Moving beyond the more than 900 million worldwide accounts and 13.2 billion daily messages, TJAT is extending messaging from the PC to the mobile phone. This is real-time communications empowering consumers to stay connected while they are on the go.

The TJAT mobile email solution allows customers direct, efficient, connectivity to any portal/ISP email service, including popular ones like Google, AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo or any other POP3 subscriber mailbox. The result is a convenient and affordable mobile solution offered to customers within a familiar and comfortable framework. Through your mobile you can check, send, and receive as if you are at your own email account.


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