iGooMap 1.8.3...

With iGooMap, you can automatically create XML Sitemaps conforming to the protocol, upload to your server and notify all search engines supporting sitemaps. iGooMap will help you to improve your site's visibility in search results and might even help you to diagnose problems.


  • Easy handling, just enter the URL of your web site.
  • You can scan multiple web sites at once.
  • Scanning of sites created with iWeb and upload to your iDisk.
  • Automatically apply defaults for priority, change frequency and date modified.
  • Ability to pause and continue web site scans.
  • Respects your robots.txt file.
  • Exclude files or folders from scanning with filters.
  • You can set file extensions to be scanned and listed.
  • You can specify parameters to remove from each URL, like session IDs, to prevent redundant or incomplete crawling.
  • Only working URLs are included in the listing.
  • Shows you the rejected links while scanning and the corresponding reasons.
  • Import of an existing sitemap XML file or a text file containing URLs; either from local files or from your server.
  • Edit the settings of scanned or imported URLs easily in the list.
  • Add, remove or edit the URLs listed individually or in batch.
  • Apply URL settings like priority by importing from an existing sitemap.
  • Save each sitemap configuration in a document for easy maintenance.
  • Export as sitemap XML file or URL listing.
  • Generates Sitemaps conforming to the XML Sitemap protocol standard.
  • Integrated FTP, SFTP and iDisk sitemap upload to your server.
  • Automatic search engine notifications. (Google, Yahoo!,, and

What’s New in this Version

  • Overall improved stability and some minor bugs fixed.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later

PacketStream 3.1...

PacketStream provides point-and-click activation of the Mac’s built-in network monitoring program, which is usually available only from the command line. By clicking a few buttons, you can monitor data as it streams over your network — especially useful for checking web traffic, network bottlenecks, or even suspicious network activity. All network data is displayed in the application itself, and you can save the data to a file for further analysis later.

PacketStream provides a user-friendly way to configure and use the Mac’s network monitoring tools. It is easier than typing in cryptic commands in Terminal. As a native Aqua application, it is more intuitive to use than complex, hard-to-install, UNIX-based GUI programs. And it is simpler than more expensive “Swiss army knife” network programs, which are overkill for most users.

What's New in Version 3.1

  • Now automatically queries system for active network interface.
  • Additional network filters for greater control over network monitoring.
  • New button command to clear data from main display.
  • Additional support options through help menu.
  • Various UI enhancements and bug fixes.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later


TheraQuick 1.7...

Ideal for small-to medium-sized practices while offering a rich and comprehensive feature set with unparalleled ease of use. The TheraQuick Solo products are designed for the individual practitioner who wants an easy-to-use practice management program without sacrificing power and flexibility. The products allow you to track your client sessions and activities, produce professional custom statements, prepare insurance claims, all with an unequalled level of automation and simplicity.


  • Integrated client management and billing program for unequalled convenience
  • Unique client listing window allows continuous access to any client, for any task, at any time
  • Integrated electronic insurance claims submission and management
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Fully customizable content, layout and appearance of client billing statements
  • Single-user and multi-user versions available to suit solo or group practices
  • HIPAA compliance and security features

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later

DEVONnote 2.0...

DEVONnote is an easy-to-use, intelligent note pad capable of storing and organising plain or rich texts and file aliases. Store and manage your bookmarks in DEVONnote too, browse the Web using the integrated browser based on Apple’s WebKit, capture interesting notes immediately or organize webcams. Furthermore, DEVONnote helps you sort in new stuff and supports cross and Wiki-style links.

What’s New in this Version

  • From this release on DEVONnote requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
  • Boolean and proximity search operators, wildcards.
  • Smart groups (saved searches).
  • Smart tagging.
  • Global inbox replacing the import destinations chaos.
  • Trash can.
  • Undo/Redo.
  • Three Panes view inherited from DEVONthink Pro.
  • Many more enhancements.

Bodega 1.0.1...

Bodega include powerful software search and browsing capabilities, convenient direct purchase of software from the publisher through the Bodega interface, software registration code tracking and storage, and much more.

In addition, Bodega boasts a beautifully integrated newsfeed from popular Apple- and Mac-centric website, The Loop, built into its interface. A comprehensive component of the Bodega experience, The Loop newsfeed provides the latest info on applications available through Bodega, as well as from the Apple and Mac markets at large.

What's New in this version:

  • Fixed launch crash occuring on Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5.8.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Internet connection

File Manipulator 2.0...

The perfect FileMaker utility plug-in to allow users access to copy, move, rename or delete files and folders directly from a FileMaker solution. You can also conveniently access file and folder information on a local or network drive.

Files and Folders:
From FileMaker Pro you can copy, move, rename and delete them. Quickly obtain the file size, file exists, creation, modification or access date for any file or folder on the system.

From FileMaker Pro obtain drive sizes, the file and folder names within the drives or the number of files and folders within the drive.


PDF Manipulator 2.0....

This powerful utility plug-in provides a bidirectional data exchange between FileMaker and Adobe Acrobat. Whether you need to search text contained within PDF document or extract data from PDF form fields this is the plug-in for you. Using the PDF Manipulator you can create a searchable document management system or process forms faster by eliminating the need to hand key the information into your database.


  • Document Management: The plug-in allows you to extract the text content and metadata of a PDF document directly into your FileMaker solution. Once in your database you can search through the content inside the document and even determine what page of the document the content appears on!
  • Form Automation: By using the plug-in you can insert or extract data between PDF form fields and FileMaker, speeding up and reducing the effort required to do this manually! This is very useful for industries and organizations that depend heavily on forms (government agencies, IRS, real estate and mortgage brokers, etc.).
  • Combining PDFs: Combine and delete multiple PDF documents into a single PDF from within FileMaker Pro.


Mozilla Internet Dictionary is a tabbed dictionary browser using the language dictionary resources of the Internet.

You can start Mid from your Firefox's Tools menu.

You can also add a toolbar button for easier access: After installing and restarting choose customize toobar and drop Mid's icon upon the toolbar. The following translations are included: de-DE, en-US, es-ES, es-AR, fr-FR, hr-HR, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, zh-CN.

Pyccuracy 1.2.13...

Pyccuracy is a Python implementation of Accuracy. There are some fundamental differences, though.

Some differences are due to the very nature of the languages. C# (CLR) is a statically-typed compiled language. That has some advantages and disadvantages that go beyond the scope here.

Python on the other hand being an interpreted language allows for a great deal of freedom. This has a big impact on the way we structure the framework.

ZopeSkel 2.16...

ZopeSkel is a free and open source Python based development tool that will provided you with a collection of skeletons for quickstarting Zope and Plone projects.

All skeletons are available as PasteScript templates and can be used via the ''paster'' commandline tool.


  • Python



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