qwikCONVERT 1.3...

With quikCONVERT just enter, 34mm, to see what 34 millimeter is equal to in lots of other lenghts - simple and easy as that. qwikCONVERT converts loads of lengths, weights, areas, volumes, temperatures, speeds, times, presures, energys, powers & even converts currencies using the lastest rates.

Features of qwikCONVERT

  • Instantly convert dozens of units.
  • Identify units by abbreviation, symbol or name.
  • Swap units with a simple click.
  • Full values available in a tooltip.
  • Resizable, with memory.
  • Live daily currency updates download when you need them.
  • Currency convertions work without an internet connection.
  • You can also choose your own colour options.
  • Auto Update, entirly self contained in the widget.
  • User Guide built into the widget.


Overture 0.1.13...

The Overture tools are being developed by volunteers, research scientists and students. You can find an overview of us at WhoIsWho. Anyone interested (from both industry and academia) is welcome to join the project as an active member.

Features of Overture

  • Combinatorial Testing
  • Static model checking
  • Debugging
  • Proof obligation generation
  • Formal verification


Adobe Story 1.0.395 ...

Adobe Story is a collaborative script development tool designed for creative professionals, producers, and writers working on or with scripts and screenplays.

Adobe Story will play the starting role in the pre-production phase of a planning-to-playback workflow. For example, script information will be transformed into relevant metadata that will automate the creation of shooting scripts, shot lists, and more.

Features of Adobe Story

  • Craft your tale anywhere and at anytime in a secure online and offline writing environment tailored to industry requirements.
  • Easily manage several script projects, develop character biographies, add links as reference points, and fashion synopses.
  • Brainstorm script ideas or co-write and edit as a team. Assign roles that give production team members the ability to read, review, or modify the script.
  • Import the sample script or your existing screenplay from other scriptwriting software, including Final Draft or MS Word. Take your script to the next stage by exporting to a variety of different formats such as PDF, XML, Text, MS Word, Movie Magic scheduler, or CSV for easy import into Excel.


Kemet API 0.1.3d...

Kemet API is a java library which introduces the transcription of hieroglyph based on the list of Gardiner's signs (middle egyptian). The Kemet API is a part of the Kemet project - Art and Culture.

Features of Kemet API

  • "unilitere"
  • "bilitere" with phonetic complements
  • "trilitere" with phonetic complements
  • Some "Manual for the encoding of Hieroglyph texts for Computer-Input"
  • Capabilities ("-", ":", "*", "!", "(",")", "?")
  • (tome VIII - Paris 1988)
  • Capability of transliterate hieroglyph text from Gardiner's sign list
  • Capability of get Gardiner's sign list from transliterated text
  • Capability of phonetic read from transliterated text
  • Analyze sequence of sign list (limited to supported "hieroglyphic" capabilities)


Macsome iTunes Conve...

Macsome iTunes Converter can easily convert DRM protected music and various audio files to unprotected MP3, AAC formats playable on any iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Creative Zen and other MP3 players at high speed and CD quality.

Macsome iTunes Converter it's an M4P to MP3 converter, .aa to MP3 converter, audio book to MP3 converter. Macsome iTunes Converter converts any audio file from iTunes on MAC OS X to MP3 or AAC files. Batch converts DRM protected or unprotected MP4 or Audible AA to unprotected MP3 or AAC files with ID tags preserved.

Features of Macsome iTunes Converter

  • Very Fast Converting Speed - The recording speed is 5X fast than playback speed. And the output file will be encoded while recording. So the conversion process is really fast!
  • Convert Any Audio Files Could Play on iTunes - No matter what format the audio files is, if it could be played on iTunes, Macsome iTunesConverter will convert it to MP3 or AAC format for you. So it's also a MP4 to MP3 Converter, AA to MP3 Converter.
  • Remove DRM protection on M4P or AA files - Converting any iTunes format into MP3 or AAC format, the DRM protections on M4P or AA audio book will be removed. So, it's also an M4P Converter, .aa converter, Audible book converter, or audio book DRM remover.
  • No extra disk space needed - Encoding to MP3 or AAC while recording, so no extra disk space needed to save temporary files.
  • ID Tags Preserved - The ID Tags will be preserved in output MP3 or AAC files while converting.
  • CD Quality - There are several preset output formats. And you could customize the output format to be CD quality.
  • Batch Conversion Supported - You may select several playlist or several audio files to convert. Then click "Convert" button to start converting. What you need to do is just wait for the result of conversion.


logSheet 2.7.3...

logSheet is client-based print accounting and document analysis solution for any
office, legal practice, creative studio, or architectural firm that is
looking for a way to track, recover or charge-back printing costs.

What’s New in this Version

  • Added GUI info about shared queues not tracked
  • Bug fixes for some Xerox filters
  • Bug fixes for some PPD files (Xerox and Lexmark)
  • Print Ticket key updates (for Snow Leopard)


Syllabus 1.0...

This initial version of Syllabus focuses on three areas that students find
challenging: keeping up with their schedule, organizing all the links
and files for each course, keeping track of notes taken during class.
Syllabus allows the student to track the school calendar, course
schedules, professor office hours and assignment due dates. iCal sync is
available for all of these items so the student always has their
schedule available. Acting like iTunes for their links and files,
Syllabus organizes their information into a managed folder so that it
can be found quickly. With a rich note taking area, Syllabus helps the
student take notes during class, and never have to worry about where to
find them again.

Main Features:

  • Multiple students & school terms
  • Course list for each term
  • Professors, Links and Student Files
  • At a glance upcoming calendar items
  • Sync with iCal
  • Course schedule
  • Course syllabus
  • Course assignments
  • Course notes
  • Course links and files

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later

JamesJr 2.0...

Handy butler to help you in many ways to handle filenames, sorting
digital images, uploading images to iPhoto, etc…

Sometimes you will find it easier, even safer to store your digital
images also in a simple folder structure on your harddrive, DVD etc.

  • Image sorting: Permits you to browse thru a bunch of images and
    move or copy them in one way to subfolders
  • File renaming: This module makes it easy to rename files in a more
    comprehensive way.
  • Many more features.

What’s New in this Version

  • iPhoto link: a smoother interface
  • image sorter: store and retrieve of last settings
  • additional functionality: rotate images and/or flip
  • Many more enhancements.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Voxengo Deft Compres...

Voxengo Deft Compressor

An audio signal compressor plug-in for professional audio production
applications. The characteristic feature of this compressor is its
ability to produce “slim” and “slick” sounding compression, with
intelligibility enhancement effect. Such result is achieved by
compressor’s timing function that closely resembles the S-curve on both
attack and release stages. S-curve timing function also helps
compressor to sound “warm” and “clean” at most settings.

While at high attack settings Deft Compressor can be used to emphasize
audio transients, it can also be used to “smash” audio signal if you use
attack settings as low as 0.1 millisecond. Deft Compressor also
features a so called “vintage” compression mode which produces
compression sound reminiscent of analog valve compressors: it produces a
warm, gently saturated sound with the ability to overdrive the output

Deft Compressor is perfectly usable for compressing vocals, drums,
guitars and other instruments, both technically and creatively. Beside
that, it can be used to compress mix groups and full mixes.

PicsAid 1.11...

Apple’s iTunes lets you copy to iPod or iPhone your favorite pictures through syncronised albums. But this sync fearure only works one way: from computer to device, and it does not allow to copy photos back, nor sharing them anyhow!

Your photos remain stuck in the device’s proprietary database (ithmb). So how to transfer photos back to your computer ?

PicsAid lets you transfer to PC or Mac the pictures that had been imported to iPod or iPhone photo albums.

PicsAid will allow retrieval of all the pictures that were synced with iTunes. In the event of a computer crash or simply in order to freely share pictures, PicsAid will allow to copy all synced albums to any computer you like, allowing sharing and recovery of those precious captures!


  • All iPods and iPhone compatible
  • PC Windows & Mac OS X compatible
  • One click Copy to Folder
  • Drag & Drop with Finder or Windows Explorer
  • Allows copy of all iTunes synced pictures
  • Photo album support
  • Includes pictures thumbnails for easy preview
  • Great for sharing pictures, essential for recovery in case of computer failure!
  • Switching from PC to Mac, Mac to PC? Doesn’t matter! PicsAid is natively Cross-Platform
  • Auto detection feature, just plugin it in!
  • For iPhone and iPod Touch, no jailbreak needed
  • iPad support will be available soon!
  • PC Windows (XP, Vista, 7) & Mac Intel based OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard)
  • Supported iPhone OS versions : 1.1.1 to 3.1.3


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