RubyMine 2.0.1 Build...

JetBrains RubyMine Ruby and Rails IDE with the full stack of essential developer tools, all tightly integrated together and creating a convenient and smart environment for Ruby programming and Web development with Ruby on Rails.

Features of RubyMine

  • Intelligent Editor: code completion, code snippets and automatic refactorings
  • Project Navigation: wide range of views and one-click jumping between components
  • Error-Free Coding: on-the-fly code analysis and type inference
  • Web Development with Ruby on Rails (including
  • Best-of-breed HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support)
  • RSpec and Test::Unit support, with GUI-based test runner
  • Ruby Debugger: full support for Rails applications debugging and easy-to-use interface
  • VCS Integrations: Git, Perforce, Subversion and CVS with changelists and merge
  • Open API and Plugin Development SDK, ensuring IDE extensibility and flexibility



Cue up your best shot for an incredibly realistic game of Pool from
the convenience of your computer. Experience why fans love MacPool and call it
the “best pool game around.” Easy to play, this simulation of the popular
9-Ball, 8-Ball and 14:1 Pool games also includes optional 3-Balls Billiards and
Snooker add-ons.

Add a new dimension with Online
Game Mode where you can enjoy hours of fun playing with connected gamers around
the world. Try the evaluation version and tell your (Win or Mac) friends to do
the same, then customize your game with several available settings and options.
You won’t believe how realistic the play is, just as challenging and fun as the
real thing!

CoachStat Baseball 1...

Full-featured baseball team management and statistics program. Enter demographics, pictures, opponents, schedules, practices, and contacts. It includes a Season Journal and events calendar, along with a place for equipment inventory. Print the inventory list, baseball cards, and comprehensive reports; including user defined stats. CS Baseball also can generate web reports showing all team statistics.

Fractal Generator 1....

Fractal Generator is a free and easy to use fractal creation software written in the Java programming language. Fractalyse was initially developed to measure fractal dimension of built up areas of cities. It may be used to compute fractal dimension of black and white image, curve and network. It contains also several image processing tools.


  • curve of scaling behavior
  • patterns border extraction
  • counting of number of clusters and lacunas
  • tentacularity of convoluted curve


Zotero 2.0.2...

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.  It lives right where you do your work - in the web browser itself.

Features of Zotero

· Automatic capture of citation information from web pages
· Storage of PDFs, files, images, links, and whole web pages
· Flexible notetaking with autosave
· Fast, as-you-type search through your materials
· Playlist-like library organization, including saved searches (smart collections) and tags
· Platform for new forms of digital research that can be extended with other web tools and services
· Zotero extension works inside your web browser
· Formatted citation export (style list to grow rapidly)
· Free and open source
· Integration with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice
· Saves records and notes in any language; interface available in Arabic Austrian German Bulgarian Brazilian Portuguese Catalan Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) French German Hungarian Hebrew Italian Japanese Korean Dutch Norwegian Polish Romanian Russian Serbian Spanish Swedish Swiss German Turkish Vietnamese US English with more on the way

PowerSaveUPS 2.010...

PowerSaveUPS is Macintosh only scriptable software for controlling UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems with USB (such as APC) Two shutdown thresholds are specified - Soft (Graceful) shutdown, and Hard (Ungraceful) shutdown which is instigated as a last resort.

Features of PowerSaveUPS

  • Elegant User Interface.
  • 2 levels of Shutdown Protocol - Soft (Graceful) and Hard (Non-Graceful).
  • Leopard Compatibility.
  • Universal Binary.
  • Example Scripts Provided.
  • Write and run your own scripts.
  • Ability to autosave open documents as time-stamped 'PowerSave BUs'.
  • Know that if you're away from your computer, in the event of power failure, your wotk will be saved.
  • Scripting service available - We can write scripts for you so that you can do what you want to do!


PythonSafe 0.13...

PythonSafe is a free and open source password generator and manager that can store all your security data with only a single password to remember.

Features of PythonSafe

  • Password manager
  • Password generator
  • Easy to use console interface
  • Cross platform (written in Python)
  • Imports Keepass 2 XML files

ImgCvrt 1.1.1...

Convert image file formats, and optionally change their dimensions. It works in batch mode. Converted images have the same name as the original, with the appropriate file extension, and saved in the same directory as the original provided a similarly named image does not already exist. Supported file formats are determined by QuickTime. (If a file by the same name does exist then the file name will be appended by a unique string.)

What’s New in this Version
The application version can now process collections of files or folders.
You can optionally specify a “destination” folder for the converted files from the Preferences window.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later

myPhotoEdit 1.0.1...

In these times everyone needs to edit an image from time to time. You have to edit it quickly for a blog entry, a presentation or your grand-ma, who learned to send emails.

Nobody needs Photoshop for these kinds of tasks, and definitely not its speed. And nobody should take an evening course to learn how to do it. Definitely nobody has to use underdone or very limited tools, just because they pretend to be easy to use. That's because myPhotoEdit is here!

myPhotoEdit makes it truly easy and speedy for everyone to edit an image. It’s features range from basic and effective pimp-up to high-class filters for sophisticated stuff.

myPhotoEdit is especially made to be flexible, very speedy and clear while doing common editing.

Just to get that right. Only because editing becomes a no-brainer with myPhotoEdit doesn’t mean the results are ordinary. Quiet the opposite is true. With myPhotoEdit everyone can come up with world-class results in a blink.

Key Feature:

  • gorgeous and intuitive interface
  • open | edit | export | save almost any image
  • RAW image support
  • drag-and-drop images
  • sophisticated quick edit tools
  • simple image resizing with presets
  • fast (very fast) export for web with presets
  • marquee | lasso | hand | rotate tools
  • one-click switch between original | edited image
  • high class filters built right in (HDR, Lomo etc.)
  • optimized for speed
  • basic | quick | advanced adjustments set
  • Photoshop shortcuts
  • quick reset
  • lossless image rotation
  • integrated database for recent images
  • automatically create backups
  • uses Core Image | Open GL | ColorSync
  • lots of more nifty features

What's New in this Version:

  • added support for additional RAW formats
  • improved selection tools
  • improved Bleach Bypass filter for smaller images
  • improved HDR filter for smaller images
  • some bug fixes

MacAppStuff Rest 1.0...

We all know it is sensible to take breaks while using a computer for extended periods of time, in order to help prevent eyestrain, stiff neck, headaches, back aches, and RSI. Sometimes you forget to rest because you are immersed in your work.

MacAppStuff Rest can remind you to take such breaks. Simply specify the amount of time you want to work between breaks, the length of the breaks, and how you want to be notified when a break is due.

The application resides in the status area of your Mac’s menu bar, out of the way. It displays an icon and the current mode (Work or Break) along with a countdown of the minutes left. The application starts in ‘work’ mode, that is the period of time you want to spend at the computer before taking a break. The length of time can be specified in the application’s preferences window. Many more features.

What’s New in this Version

  • You can now specify your own message to appear for work/break periods
  • The message can be spoken out (if supported by your OSX)
  • Many more enhancements

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later


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