SegPlayPC 1.7

18.5 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Painting and Sketching

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Paint-by-numbers meets modern technology in SegPlay PC, a computerized paint-by-numbers program for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. With twenty images and powerful features for artsy types and casual gamers, SegPlayPC is simple to use, yet offers infinite variety. Click here to find out how to download a trial version.

With over 1800 available patterns from an ever growing collection of artistic themes, SegPlay PC will provide you with hours upon hours of painting fun and entertainment. SegPlay PC Splash Screen With SegPlay PC as an Art Appreciation teaching tool, students can memorize famous works of art, color by color. Children can truly touch images related to a wide assortment of subjects. As a parent or educator, the learning possibilities stretch as far as your image-ination!

SegPlay PC is in the computer software category known as "casual gaming". While it provides a pleasurable and creative escape from mundane computer activities, the program is simple to use and new players can begin the painting function immediately, with just a few, intuitive tools. However, the program also offers rich features with challenging and engaging options, so it expands with each user, whether they seek an education in art appreciation or just want to enjoy a creative gaming challenge.

With a dynamic and clear user interface and fun sound effects, the program’s gaming features compliment the artistic benefits and engage users at all levels. For a gaming challenge, users can race against a timer to complete patterns in a given timeframe at levels from Easy to Experienced and Expert. Users can also employ speed-painting tools, monitor the mistake counter, and track the number of remaining pieces and colors to increase the program’s challenging and addictive potential.


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