Partition Resizer 1.3.4

John Lagonikas
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Operating System
Windows All
Partition Manager

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The first free program to resize and move
partitions without data loss, is now more complete, with support for
disks up to 2TB of size.

Partition Resizer is a small DOS
executable, which requires no installation, and can perform, all these
tasks in a short while, giving you the opportunity to re-arrange your
partitions safely, quickly and fuss-free.

Partition Resizer is the safe and easy way to repartition your hard disk, without erasing its contents. But, since it is playing with your valuable data, you should strictly follow the instructions given, in order to avoid any harm to your data.

Features of "Partition Resizer":

  • Int13 extensions support allows handling of disks up to 2TB (2048GB) of size.
  • New Resizing/Moving engine with simpler inerface. Move and resize your partitions in one step.
  • Transparent extended partition resizing (no more confusion with extended partitions).
  • Command line parameters for accessing advanced options (read-only operation etc.).


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