Global MU Online Patch 1.03K

K2 Network
3.8 MB
Operating System
Windows Vista Windows Xp

Download Links

Patch 1.03K Patch 1.03J Patch 1.03I

Global MU Online was developed in 2003 by Webzen, and since then has been enjoyed by millions of players in over 100 countries. With a level cap at 400 and over 100,000 possible item combinations, Global MU is arguably the most potent, richly developed, well supported hack and slash adventure ever created.

Gamers First is clearly in effect with Global MU Online. The game receives constant, close attention, and the MU Masters (the MM’s, Game Masters for Global MU Online) take great pride in listening to their players and responding to their feedback.

Global MU Online is free to download and completely Free2Play. Players can explore practically all of the game’s areas and experience most of the events at no cost. Premium services are available that increase the frequency of regular events, grant access to special events, and offer many game enhancements.

Community is truly amazing in Global MU Online. The game boasts a highly active and passionate group of players, and MM’s frequently interact with them both in game and in the official Forums.

The most impressive demonstration of community in Global MU Online involves the game’s unique events. The organization, planning and cooperation executed by players make this game what it is. Events such as Castle Siege span weeks, and over 1,500 players go at it in the same battle.


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