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Naval Campaigns 3: Guadalcanal

"High-Water Mark" of the Imperial Navy

During the 1942-43 campaign for the southern Solomon Island of Guadalcanal in 1942-43, many naval battles were fought to cement the material advantage gained by the Allies after the stunning Japanese losses at the Battle of Midway; NC3: Guadalcanal features 14 of these scenarios including Savo Island–a costly Allied setback, Cape Esperance–where the Japanese were struck back hard, Tassafaronga, Cape St. George, Kolombangara, and others.

Real-time, multi-player simulation

Following the HPS simulations Jutland and Tsushima, the first and second installments of the "Naval Campaigns series," Guadalcanal builds on the REAL-TIME game engine that allows the player to play against the computer or against another player, or multiple players, online. Guadalcanal is a tactical battle simulation which models the individual  ships and capabilities and includes the landmasses of the islands which provide for maneuver challenges.

What’s New in This Release:

– NOTE: Version 1.04 contains updates not compatible with the 1.03 expansion and so cannot be installed simultaneously with the expansion update.
– NOTE: This update makes extensive use of the research from the book "The US Navy Against the Axis", by Vincent O’Hara.  This book is a definitive source for Pacific surface action in World War II.
– Several additional ships, scenarios, and shore files, plus all new aircraft.
– Added Order of Battle editor ncoob.
– Added the ability to scroll the main map using the arrow keys.
– Added ability for an Objective to be a circular "Location" objective.
– Added "hollow" flag in Normal View and green name for attached flagship.
– Added Depth Soundings feature which affects submarine operations.
– Change so that Deck Operations are not possible when a carrier is in clouds.
– Change so that radar detection is shown using a magenta line and does not result in spotting.
– Added Range Only and Airborne radar.
– Added Critical Ship feature which when sunk results in immediate scenario termination.
– (Editor) Added ability to place and remove mines.


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