Floola 5.5.0 for iPod and Mobiles

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Floola - Windows Floola - Mac Floola - Linux

Floola is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod or mobile phone that support iTunes except iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a standalone application that can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation under Windows. It allows you to manage Music, Videos, Podcast and Photos all in one simple app, anywhere on any computer.

Floola supports almost all features offered by iPods including photos, artwork, podcasts and smart playlists.It automatically converts any incompatible audio or video file so that you can copy almost any file to it. It allows adding youtube and myspace videos with a single click. Now it even makes it possible to keep your Google calendars synched.

Floola 5.3 Improvements:

  • expiration warning
  • Albanian,Brazilian,Dutch,French,German,Greek,Italian,Japanese,Russian,Simplified
  • Chinese,Slovenian,Spanish translation updated
  • manage notes exceptions fixed
  • fixed issue with playlist sorted by "album by artist" or "album by year"
  • performance improvements
  • fixed issues with iPod shuffle
  • fixed issue when renaming album/artist/genre or when adding playlists under Mac
  • main window minimize issue when amazon window was open
  • improved podcast decoding
  • fixed a rare hang when adding m4a files 

What's New

  • nano5G and shuffle 3G support!
  • “add this artwork to items in album” feature
  • database update when needed
  • updated languages
  • added scrollbars to smart playlists edit window
  • fixed issue where some files would not play entirely after edit
  • files can be copied over from a network mapped drive


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