iTunes/Winamp Controller

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iTunes/Winamp Controller

This PC application creates an new entry in your mobile phone menu (if
the connection to the PC is active). With this additional menu you will
be able to control iTunes or Winamp. Even the search for tracks is

Some features

  • iTunes support
  • Winamp support
  • MediaMonkey support
  • Sound menu with mute function
  • Display more than 20 tracks
  • Support for ituneswatcher2
    (version or newer)
  • Support for ituneswatcher3
    (version or newer)
  • Transfer tracks to mobile phone/memory stick
  • Enque tracks in winamp
  • Control the ticker-feature directly from the mobile phone
  • New commandline switches "/connect", "/noplugins" and "/debug"
  • Using MSComm: Only ports 1-16 usable
  • Detection of added/removed COM ports
  • Option to enable Windows Standby/Hibernate
  • React on "Play/Pause"-Key and "+/-"-Key
  • Support for Shuffle and Repeat
    options in iTunes/Winamp/MediaMonkey
  • Plugins:
    • Possibility to develop own plugins (PluginDev-Guide
      – version 0.4)
    • Plugin that checks if a connection is possible and connects
      automatically (Polling) [polling only works if
      settings window is not visible and connects only on the
      saved port!]
    • Plugin for starting the controller on Windows startup


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