Nokia Asha 500 PC Suite

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The Nokia Asha 500 is focused primarily on the low-end Nokia Asha smartphone featuring "icy" exterior housing, which protects the device. Again, Nokia returns to bet on the design with a single button, and this time have tried to give more importance to the camera device, being more powerful than in the past.

The new Nokia Asha 500 comes with several platform enhancements that make navigation much more intuitive than before. The new user interface features allows us to quickly and very easily see if we have new notifications in social networks, etc. Furthermore, Fastlane now has a second home screen that will allow us to more quickly access those applications that we use most often in our day to day life, which makes a big difference.

There is also talk of Swipe and its various functions, which go a step further and offer great control, also when using the camera. To do this, for example, by moving your finger up or down we can access the camera, keeping your finger choices appeared, whereas if we do sideways it changes to the video mode.

On the other hand, we must make special mention of WhatsApp, which finally comes to the range of Asha. This collaboration is a great success by both companies that have greatly benefit users of this platform. Thus, the instant messaging service most used in the world comes to the Nokia Asha 500 and to other models with all the features that entails, such as group chats, voice messages or sending pictures. Jan Koumm, founder of Whatsapp, says there are 350 million active users, who will shortly be added for a large number of Asha smartphone users. Undoubtedly, the new Asha's collaboration with WhatsApp are a big hit for Firefox OS.


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